***150 words***Read Proverbs 14:30.From a spiritual point of view, in what sen

***150 words***
Read Proverbs 14:30.
From a spiritual point of view, in what sense could envy rot the bones?
Is it possible from a medical point of view?
After reflecting on this week’s discussion, in my understanding “envy rots the bones” reflects how an individual can be jealous and not contented with what they already have. Typically, emotion plays an important role when an individual is not contented and sees someone have something better than themselves. For example, based on literal terms, the verse speaks of a “healthy heart” or a “healing heart” in contrast to “jealousy” or “passion.” The results of these are contrasted as “life for the flesh” or “liveliness of the body” as opposed to “decay of the bones” or “rotting of the substance.” Its frame is the difference between having a contented spirit or a jealous one, both of which have an impact on one’s physical health.
Medical research show what this verse teaches. A peaceful heart sets aside worry, stress, and anxiety—so far as that is possible. This contributes to a healthy life. Envy, jealousy, angst, and bitterness cause sickness. Envy acts like cancer, consuming the envious person from the inside. Being content with what we have keeps the heart stable. Being stressed over what we don’t have and envying those who have more than we may raise blood pressure, cause anxiety, ulcers, and mental and emotional stress. Therefore, emotions can have an effect on our physical condition.
Read Hebrews 4:12
How can the word of God divide soul and spirit and joints and marrow?
The word of God divide soul and spirit by distinguishing between the godly and ungodly. The word of God is powerful and significant. Based on the verse, the razor-sharp truth of the Word of God will separate what is truly spiritual from what is faithless. The “cutting” power of scripture is therefore a tool to separate our very thoughts into good and evil.
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What does Proverbs 14:30 Retrieved from https://www.bibleref.com/Proverbs/14/Proverbs-14-30.html#commentary

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