Analyse the relationship between grammatical form and meaning

Assignment title – Research how literacy and language practices differ
Vocational Scenario or Context – For this unit learners will carry out research on language in use, write an essay and produce a glossary.
Task 1
1. Research how literacy and language practices differ in at least two
social and/or cultural settings with which you are familiar and reflect
on your own literacy encounters and practices within these
You may choose to focus on an organisation in which you work/have
worked, your vocational area, formal and informal community groups,
education settings, religious, political or other social structures.
2. Briefly clarify the settings/social structures you have chosen for your
3. Explain your findings in an essay using subject terminology. You
must include both written and spoken language and your personal
use of language.
Word count guide: 700–1000 words excluding references.
Findings may reference: audience and purpose in written and spoken
language; how meaning is conveyed; differences between written and
spoken language; syntax, stress, intonation and sounds; the etymology
and morphology of words; verb forms; formal and informal language;
common grammar errors, etc.
Task 2
Produce a glossary of terms you have used in your essay, in an
appropriate format.
A glossary of terms is created in a table that gives definitions for each of the
acronyms/terms found in this document. Write a brief summary for each
term. Once you have identified the terms in the main text that need to be in
the!glossary, sit down and write out a brief summary for each term.
1 – Understand the relationship between forms of language and meaning
1.1 Analyse key aspects of meaning of words
1.2 Analyse the relationship between grammatical form
and meaning
2. Undersand structural features of language
2.1 Analyse key features of word formation
2.2 Categorise words according to their classes

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