Analyze how your chosen work uses literary elements?

Assignment Content
To complete this final essay, select 1 of the literary works read in this course that you did not use in any other weekly assignment.
Read it carefully, and reread it, paying particular attention to important literary elements.
Write a 1000- to 1,200-word essay in which you analyze how it uses literary elements to communicate its meaning.
Research your chosen author, to provide context for your analysis. This context should be presented in your introduction and possibly your conclusion. This information can also be presented in the body of the essay if you need author background to help you make a point in your analysis. However, the body of your essay should focus on analysis, not biographical information about your chosen author.
Present a strong thesis based on your analysis in your introduction. In your body paragraphs, analyze how your chosen work uses literary elements. As you do so, pay attention to any patterns used to unite and/or organize these choices. (For example, are all the metaphors drawn from nature? Or is it more complicated, with one set of metaphors drawn from nature and one from a specific religion’s tradition?)
If the literary elements used in your chosen work are part of a specific genre, tradition, or larger context, make sure you identify these elements and explain their effects. (For example, a sonnet follows a specific rhyme scheme. If you’re analyzing a sonnet, you’d explain the effects of the specific rhymes in your chosen poem, but you’d also explain that this is a standard structure for the sonnet, following models established by Shakespeare. If your chosen poet wrote 17 poems using flower imagery, and this is the 17th of those poems, indicate how this affects the meaning, power, or impact of the poem.)
Support your analysis with 2 academic sources from the University Library. These are in addition to citing the literary work as a source. Be sure to include a Works Cited page.
Format your paper consistent with MLA guidelines. (Note: Students who are not enrolled in the BA in English program may use APA formatting without penalty.)
I must add one final reminder not to use first and second person references. JW
Submit your assignment.
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