Analyze the historical motivator behind the terrorist movement. What is the group’s message?

There are various causes for why terrorist events occur. This is complicated as governments respond to events from different perspectives as well. One government may look at an event as a criminal act while another may look at it as terrorism. The underlying cause or causes may have different motivators: political, cultural, economic, societal, or religious. All have been cited as root causes for terrorist activity.
Prior to entering into this discussion forum, review the resources for the week that apply to this topic and review the research instructions above as you prepare to research a terrorist organization. For this forum,
Identify the motivator behind your chosen terrorist organization (i.e., political, cultural, economic, societal, or religious) that you think has had the greatest catalyst to spur terrorism by this organization.
Examine the motivator from the perspective of the international terrorist organizations or the domestic terrorist organization depending on your assigned group below:
If your name begins with the letters A to M, research an international terrorism group for your initial post, and at least one domestic group for your response post to other students or your instructor.In your initial post,
Analyze the historical motivator behind the terrorist movement. What is the group’s message?
Describe what types of terrorist activities or methods are the primary focus of the group.
Describe the type of news or publicity the group has received.
Discuss if the group has been effective in meeting their objectives.
Guided Response: Respond to at least three of your classmates and/or your instructor. Your response posts must be a minimum of 150 words. For the response posts, look at both an international and a domestic terrorist organization presented by your classmates from the perspective of the government. If your initial post deals with an international terrorist organization, then your response post must be to at least one student who addressed a domestic terrorist group, and vice versa. Some questions to consider:
How did the government respond to the terrorist organization?
Was the government response effective?
How did news coverage of the terrorist event portray the terrorist group?
How did the courts deal with the individual terrorists when brought to trial?

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