As a professional public servant, what would you think public servants should do?

This Module discussion board has three parts, and you must do it in an Order given below, and 2 extra points given as well. The Mid-term Exam Qs will be posted February 26, Due March 4, 11: 59 PM.
A. Read Rainey’s chapters 4 and 5, first, and then answer the following questions:
1. Explain How an organization (say Boca Raton Local Government, or National Rifle Association/NRA) can influence/impact its environment locally or nationally. What does the research say about the Effect of the Environment on organizations? For example, how does the South Florida Environment affect FAU, or FIU, or State or Federal legislatures with regard to Gun Control Policy? What are the environmental factors—political cultural, social, etc…..
2. Think of the US political environment under Donald Trump (even now)—the push and anti-push for the Border Wall—-the pros and cons of this intense emotionally charged environment. How are public organizations affected by this political hype? As a professional public servant, what would you think public servants should do? What is their best professional conduct be—-and how should they balance their Professional Ethical Character and their Professional Competency in performing their jobs? 200 words.
B. If Women and Students would take my Proposed idea of rising up in protest and march across America and demand strong legislative action of Banning Guns (yes, banning ) all sorts of guns in this country and ask Amendment to the Second Amendment, what do you think would happen? I guess, most some might join the marches, and some women won’t, but there would be a historic action. What do you think? 50 Words

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