Based on your review of the firm’s governance, did you change your opinion of the firm’s desirability as an employer?

For this assignment, each student is asked to evaluate the governance policy of a firm they might consider working for and then comparing that to an organization considered the student’s chosen firm’s top competitor. The main purpose of the exercise is to help make a connection between different governance elements (e.g., board composition, equity holdings by directors, executive compensation) and a firm’s financial performance. Each student is asked to prepare NO MORE THAN A TWO to THREE PAGE (one of the pages should be the title page and no narratives) GRAPHICAL COMPARISON CHART that addresses the following questions (You could use a chart format):
• Summarize what you consider are the key aspects of the firm’s governance
• Based on your review of the firm’s governance, did you change your opinion of the firm’s desirability as an employer? Why, or why not? (Just because you are giving your opinion does not mean that you give it in the “first or second person”)! Be professional in your communications!
• (Do not use first person pronouns (I), second person (you), or some third person pronouns (we and our) when writing this assignment. See the Formatting & Writing Styles Guide document. Therefore, this assignment should be two pages minimum, but not more than three pages (and no
narratives)!! Your paper should be in proper APA format.
a. Title page, in addition to the title over the body of the paper (where the report starts).
b. New Times Roman font face type, this includes your Header and page numbers.
c. 12 pt font type size, this includes your Header and page numbers.
d. A reference page, if you use a website link, you should be able to find the author and a publication date.
e. Pages should be numbered in the top right-hand corner
f. Your title page should include the Assignment title, your name, the date, the class, and the instructor. (All should be in proper APA format).
Please view the attachment.

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