Because the policy changes are due the next day, how do you approach this conflict?

For the past two weeks, your department has been developing policy changes. During this time, your colleague was on vacation and did not participate in the process. When he returns, he doesn’t agree with a number of items and wants them changed. Because the policy changes are due the next day, how do you approach this conflict? Select one of the approaches below and thoroughly explain why you selected this option and how you intend to use it.
Remember to answer each part of the question with a minimum of one paragraph that is 5-7 sentences with limited grammatical errors. Also, respond to at least one of your peers with one 5-7 sentence paragraph.
Respond to classmate Christopher
Hello Professor and class,
I believe it is the company’s responsibility to inform all their employees when developmental processes arise. First, I would remind the vacationer’s supervisor that one of their subordinates is on leave and should be notified of the policy changes. Then I would then collaborate with the vacationer that the company has been developing policy changes during their absence and send him the adjustments. Afterward, it is up to his supervisor to voice his opposition to the policy changes. I expect that the company is responsible for their action and will learn from this incident. Otherwise, this situation demonstrates that the company lacks leadership and needs to consider new leadership or retrain those in that role. Moreover, when the administration doesn’t do their job or gets away with these issues, it will lead to a toxic environment that I would not want to be involved in.

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