Blueprint any service that you deliver in your job, one that you have experienced lately, or one that you choose to experience this week

Assignment: Service Blueprint
You are being asked to blueprint a specific service interaction. You may choose to blueprint any service that you deliver in your job, one that you have experienced lately, or one that you choose to experience this week. My advice is to think carefully about limiting the service so that you can capture it in depth on the blueprint.
This paper will require a one-page service blueprint utilizing either the Excel or PowerPoint template provided on Canvas. We will cover service blueprinting in class; you also have additional resources posted on Canvas, as well as service blueprint examples in the class slides.
Limit your blueprint to no more than one 8.5×11” single-spaced page, with one inch margins. This assignment is worth 10 points. You must convert your service blueprint to PDF format prior to posting to Canvas to ensure that it will be limited to one page.
This assignment is due no later than the time and date listed on the syllabus by posting it to Canvas.
The quality of your grade will be based upon how well you represent the service activity, recognizing key factors in each level of the blueprint. Additionally, the grade will be based on your ability to recognize “pinch points” for both service providers and customers. Please think about how you might manage these potential sticking points for class discussion.
Specifically, your grade on the service blueprint will be based on the following rubric:
3 points: Completeness of service interaction: Do the customer behaviors reasonably represent the interaction?
3 points: Alignment of timing: Ensure that customer actions and employee actions are aligned properly.
3 points: Representing the use of information and communication technology to ensure that information is shared appropriately.
1 point: Is the Opportunity to Improve icon used appropriately?
Assignments may lose points for any the following issues:
More than one page.
I work in healthcare (pick anything).
Incorrect format (8.5” x 11” only, must be landscape layout).

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