Brief descriiption of the text/ material you are referring to

We will process a lot of information in this course and the best way to ensure that we retain some of this information, is to carefully reflect on what we are consuming. With this in mind, you will write a weekly response paper engaging any of the material for the week (readings, films, websites, events, etc.). From the weekly readings, you are expected to respond to at least 3, with reflection on Almeida’s (Social Movements) and Tools for Grassroot Activists sections for the week, mandatory. Each response paper should feature the following elements: 1) brief descriiption of the text/ material you are referring to, 2) three concepts/ theories/ ideas the material speaks to, with definitions, and 3) application of material to your life, learning, work, family, etc
Readings/ materials available in textbook and module:
1) Almeida, Chapter 2 (Book Name Social Movements: The Structure of Collective Mobilization by Paul Almeida)
2) Stewart, Smith, & Denton, “Social Movements as Interpretive Systems”
3) Jensen, “Analyzing Social Movement Rhetoric”
PDF will be listed at the bottom

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