Briefly describe the plan you will be promoting in your presentation

I have to video record myself introducing an action plan, assuming a particular set of stakeholders. Written analysis of audience and strategies that will be effective to persuade that audience.
As a leader in your school, you may be asked to develop action plans in the implementation of a variety of initiatives. In this assignment, discuss your ideas for presenting a plan of action to a diverse group of stakeholders, including colleagues, decision makers, parents, and community members.
Part 1: Plan
Address the following in your plan:
*Briefly describe the plan you will be promoting in your presentation.
-Your plan should involve the implementation of an educational innovation, preferably related to educational technology.
*Analyze the makeup of the stakeholder audience to which you would present your plan of action; this group could include colleagues, decision makers, parents, and community members.
*Provide a rationale for your choice of occasion and venue for the presentation.
-For example, would you present to the school faculty at a faculty meeting? Or would you present to the school board at a board meeting?
*Justify the topics you would address with this group at this occasion and venue.
*Analyze the main points that would be needed to persuade all stakeholders.
-How could you address their key concerns? How will you support your contentions? Will you refer to the professional literature or personal experience? Why or why not?
*Write a 3-minute introduction designed to grab your audience’s attention and persuade them to listen attentively to your presentation.
Part 2: Presentation
Create a 3-minute video presentation in which you film yourself delivering the introduction you wrote in Part 1 and in which you employ effective verbal and nonverbal communication that is aligned with the purpose of the presentation and target audience.
Elements include:
-Appropriate volume and clear pronunciation.
-Avoidance of fidgeting and distracting interjections.
-A variety of intonation and pacing, and appropriate use of pauses.
-Appropriate posture, dress, and neat appearance.
-Frequent eye contact with the camera.
-Appropriate use of gestures and facial expressions.

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