Briefly describe the research methods

Assignment 4b: Literature Review Paper
Step 2: Drafting – Summarizing a Scholarly Article
For this assignment, you will select one published peer-reviewed scholarly research report related to your approved paper topic and summarize it. Your summary should educate and inform the reader about this piece of research through providing the appropriate level of detail and emphasizing the most relevant information.
In your research report summary, use a narrative form and provide the following information in logical order:
• Introduce the topic of your paper, making a logical connection between this study and your overall topic. Your introduction to pique the interest of your reader so they will want to read further.
• In the body of your paper, remember to define the important definitions and variables so they can be understood by your reader. Be sure to state the relevant research question(s) (hypothesis) and explain why it is (or they are) interesting. Feel free to select the part of the research that is the most relevant to your topic. There is no need to repeat every hypothesis stated in the paper or to quote them directly. Conveying the information from the article in your own words is the best practice.
• Briefly describe the research methods (design, participants, and what was measured). Include analysis/critique as appropriate. Since some of the research methods are very complex and we are not experts, yet, feel free to use terms that you (and your potential reader) would understand.
• Describe the most important results/findings of the article (i.e., the answer to the research question) and whether the researchers’ achieved their stated goals. Highlight any important limitations that could impact the interpretation or application of the research. This may include those discussed in the article or your own analysis. Be sure to cite accordingly.
• In your discussion, please explain the key practical implications of the results for the organizations. Then, end your paper with a conclusion that ties your key take-aways back to your stated purpose.
• Finally, include a References list at the end of your paper with the APA style reference citation of all cited sources.
Avoid plagiarism by paraphrasing and citing. Avoid copying text directly or using quotations, but if employed, be sure cite correctly. Do your best to incorporate parenthetical and in-text citations in your writing in accordance with APA style.
Provide about a paragraph’s worth of information for each area. You may use headings if they will enhance the organization and flow of your paper. Write in complete sentences. Do not use bullet points in your paper summary submission. Do use double-spacing in accordance with APA style. Remember to always write about past research in past-tense and avoid the use of personal pronouns (e.g., “I”, “we”, “us”, “you”).
Before submission, please proofread your paper for common grammar and spelling errors and review your work to ensure that it is clearly written, properly cited, and contains all of the required content. Someone who has not read the original research article should be able to clearly understand the subject of the research and the findings as well as their relevance and implications. There is no page requirement or limitation for this assignment, as the length may vary depending on the content of your chosen article to review, but a well-written review may span approximately 2-3 pages.
An A-level paper incorporates all of the required components as specified in the assignment, and demonstrates a strong ability to write clearly and logically in APA style. The paper should show originality and independent thinking, presenting important content and offer a critical analysis and discussion of the key findings that effectively connects the reviewed research to the broader topic/purpose.
A B-level paper incorporates most of the required components as specified in the assignment and demonstrates a strong effort to write clearly and logically in APA style. The paper presents important content and discusses the key findings and their implications.
A C-level paper incorporates many of the required components as specified in the assignment and demonstrates an effort to write in APA style. The paper summarizes the research and presents some analysis and discussion.
A D-level paper shows an attempt to address the assignment. The paper has problems with the organization of ideas and/or presents an overly simplistic approach to the topic.
An F will be assigned for an incomplete paper, a plagiarized work, or a paper that is not intended for this course (i.e., inconsistent with the assignments).

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