What do you see as some of the outcomes of the current balance of internet oversight?

You are to prepare a written report that addresses at least the following questions: What do you see as the relative leadership role of the U.S. with respect all other stakeholders on the internet (equal/balanced, U.S. with greater/lesser power, etc.)? On what basis do you draw the above conclusion? What do you see as some […]

You have been asked to assess if there are any company vulnerabilities that may impact purchases and come up with security recommendations that may minimize any website risks, threats, and vulnerabilities.

Web Application Security Assessment (50 points) Scenario: You are the I­nformation Security Manager in a medium-sized retail organization based in Riyadh. Organizational success is based on your customers being able to purchase items securely through the company’s website. Employees habitually make purchases without following company procedures. You have been asked to assess if there are […]

What updates you would have to perform to network hardware in order to move to 100BaseT?

Your company is in the process of upgrading the network infrastructure, which involves moving from a 10BaseT and 100BaseT network to Gigabit Ethernet. Currently, they use Bus topology in some older parts of the network with Star topology in some high-utilization areas. Is it necessary to replace the old Bus topology with a Star topology […]

Why don’t we just have one large database for all our data, both current and historical?

You work at a high school as a teacher delivering courses for building computer skills. In addition, you help to support the computing needs of the high school working with the one IT person who recently accepted a job at a different school. The high school is in the process of hiring a new IT […]

Identify three resources that can be used as “reference material” and act as a beginner’s guide for new employees.

Best Coding Practices Overview You have been promoted as the manager of the e-commerce site for the company you made up in Assignment 1. You are concerned about the recent SQL attack. Your team reacted to the situation by notifying you immediately. You and your team were successful in containing and correcting the issues that […]

Analyze at least three of the significant U.S. Supreme Court cases focusing on digital crime and evidence.

Overview You have been called back by the CISO to report your findings and pursue the next steps of your investigation. During your investigation it was discovered that the estranged husband of the CEO’s executive staff assistant had compromised her system’s account, which allowed him to access confidential documents including other employees’ personally identifiable information. […]

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