Define and explain the different Classification of Death.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a law multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me learn. he course Term Paper will be written in APA (7th edition) Format. This format will consist of the following: Cover Page Abstract Page The Body of the Paper (Content of the Page) The Reference Page. The paper […]

Evaluate using examples of how governments undermine the constitution

Discussion of how the constitution empowers public administration ( 1500 words ) Evaluate using examples of how governments undermine the constitution ( 1500 words)

What defenses would you investigate and how might they apply to the alleged claims?

In addition to federal and state environmental laws, the common law provides a vehicle to initiate a lawsuit for alleged pollution of real property. These lawsuits can include claims related to injuries to land, surface water, groundwater, and air. If you are a representative of an oil or gas company operating wells on the property, […]

How do I find peer reviewed or scholarly articles?

1. Find 2 peer reviewed articles and 2 regular articles on a legal topic of your choosing. · Research@APUS is the library’s one-stop-shop for all things research. (Always come back to it because it continues to expand.) It has a very helpful whole section on Library Sources; check it out! The library will save you […]

What do you think about the move in some states to let paralegals do more without attorney supervision?

Here is one article, from among many, that discusses trial preparation and how the paralegal helps: Trial Preparation Part 1. Please read this article, then find one of your own. Tell us about your article and why you agree or disagree with its discussion of the paralegal’s role in trial preparation. Part 2. Paralegals and […]

If it was under common law, is the result different than the UCC?

Filbert’s Meat Shop, LLC shipped to Sonic Taco, a company based in Yuma, Arizona, an order of chorizo and machaca beef. That same day, Filbert’s mailed an invoice for the order for $11,000, based on the understanding that an oral contract existed between the parties, whereby Sonic Taco had agreed to pay for the meat. […]

Under what legal theory might she prevail and what are her damages, if any?

Janice has been invited to appear on a home improvement show for the remodel of her summerhouse in Maine. Janice asks Mary to wallpaper her house in anticipation of the home improvement, and requests expensive custom wallpaper and a very intricate design application, for which the wallpaper would cost $5000, plus labor. Mary, excited for […]

How would this information impact the application of the statute to the defendants?

NOTE: The questions for this week are similar but different than the questions from last week. Pay careful attention. The directions for posting are the same (one primary post analyzing two characters of your choice). After reading the assignments and watching the videos, please pick TWO of the arrested individuals below (Harry, Mrs. Weasley, Luna, […]

Discuss also the advantages and disadvantages and good and bad aspects of globalization?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a law multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn. answer in your own words (paraphrasing when needed) two of the following questions. Then, reply to at least three classmates’ threads. Questions: How do the Snarrs define globalization and what are some different perspectives on globalization? […]

What type of speech (commercial or noncommercial) did the Supreme Court determine that Coors was engaged in?

Prior to beginning work on this discussion Read Chapters 1 and 3 of the course textbook. Read Rubin v. Coors, 514 U.S. 476 (1995). In Rubin v. Coors, 514 U.S. 476 (1995) Download Rubin v. Coors, 514 U.S. 476 (1995), the Supreme Court held that a federal statute and related regulations that prevented Coors from […]

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