Explain what happened due to them not having appropriate authority.

Research and find a case where there was a conflict between an agency making a “decision” where they didn’t have specific statutory authority to do so. Provide a brief essay explaining the case. Indicate what decision they made and why they did not have proper authority. Explain what happened due to them not having appropriate […]

How does this issue highlight the ideas of legal pluralism?

Legal Pluralism and Contemporary Issues As we’ve discussed so far, law can involve many types of laws in one place and many people have varying views of law. Using a legal pluralism perspective, analyze a contemporary social issue (e.g., immigration, vaccine/mask mandates, abortion) in which there are conflicting laws (e.g., federal vs. state/local, or two […]

What, why and how of the research, and the other elements such as Proposed mode of research,

I need a concise proposal of what the research is about. to outlines the key aspects of what I will investigate as well as the expected outcomes. I need it to briefly cover the what, why and how of the research, and the other elements such as Proposed mode of research, Aims and objectives, Synopsis, […]

How would you describe his negotiations strategy?

The purpose of choosing this case study is based on the fact that in many life situations one is always a student of the situation requiring analysis of the other players’ personal agenda, negotiations tactics, priorities, hidden motives, values, ethics, degree of risk taking and prejudices. As a student of such, our degree of success […]

Does a non-response constitute acceptance of an offer?

We are now transitioning from the subject of tort law to contract law. For this week’s discussion forum, answer Question #3 in the Cases and Discussion Questions at the end of Chapter 6 in your textbook. The case is: Yin v. Lui, CanLII (BC CA).(In the Pic document) The main question to answer about the […]

Exhibit clear and well-articulated analysis/reasoning that supports the stated conclusion by identifying and describing the relevant legal authorities and then applying them to the facts.

Legal Situation paper: Make sure the case is on a legal, business-related matter. It may have some ethical issues in place, but do make sure it focuses on the legal issue or issues. Also, make sure that it is on a case that has not been decided by a court or settlement. Your conclusion will […]

Does your answer change depending on which test you use?

I have uploaded two files regarding this assignment. One document is the assignment details (I have written them here as well) and the other document is the criteria of the scoring. There are two questions that need to be answered. Critical Thinking Topic: Uber is a well-known company that provides an app to connect people […]

What rule of law did you derive from this case?

Part 1: Research and write a summary of the case: White-Spunner Constr., Inc. v. Constr. Completion Co., 103 So. 3d 781; 2012 Ala. This should be fairly detailed and not in “legal lingo” – write the summary so that a layman can understand it. Your summary should include the facts, who the players are, what […]

Should children who commit crimes of this nature face life in jail or should they be given a second chance at life?

Jamie Bulger Discussion Please watch the video and answer questions 1-3, 1. Do you believe it is okay for children as young as Robert and Jon to face a murder charge? If yes, then why? If no, then why not? 2. Should children who commit crimes of this nature face the death penalty? If yes, […]

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