Is the information rate appropriate for the reader’s abilities and the difficulty of this procedure?

Review the attached draft of instructions and use questions below to assist you with your response. Does the title promise exactly what the instructions deliver? Are the definition and purpose of each step given as needed? Are visuals adequate for clarifying the steps? Is the information rate appropriate for the reader’s abilities and the difficulty […]

Are the instructions, given step-by-step, organized well that readers can follow?

Review the attached draft of instructions and use questions below to assist you with your response Does the provided adequate, technical, and detailed content to my audience with relatable background information that is easy to understand and explains well? Do the writter’s visual images help identify or compliment the content? Has the writer done enough […]

How does choosing to tell a fabliau help the Miller to make fun of and create a parody of the Knight’s chivalric romance?

Your assignment: Write a four-page essay that answers the following: 1) Provide or quote a definition of the chivalric romance genre. Then explain how the Knight’s Tale fits this definition. How do we know that the Knight’s Tale is a romance rather than an epic? 2) Provide or quote (Wikipedia is fine) a definition of […]

Why should the audience be concerned about this?

length: Your Proposal should be 3-4 pg. in length. Due dates: Refer to the class schedule for Peer Mark Draft and Revision dates. Format: Follow MLA format and include a Works Cited page. Below the heading, include the following information: To: (The individual/s at the business/organization who have the authority to approve your proposal) From: […]

How is Tagore a good or bad spokesperson for the lower clans or for foreigners?

FIRST, please respond to one of the following options. Please clearly indicate which option you have chosen at the top of your writing.: Option 1: A Realist artist like Rabindranath Tagore takes up the cause of the unfortunate of society: the treatment of the downtrodden and outsiders like the members of the bird-catcher clan and […]

What do you think makes something an excellent piece of Christian Children’s Literature?

Discuss the Christian worldview present in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and respond to Reynold’s concerns regarding Christian children’s literature in a 200-word response essay. Choose one particular scene in the novel that exemplifies your point and analyze it with respect to Christian worldview and literary quality. Ultimately, what do you think makes something […]

How would you summarize or define these using your own words?

The student’s goal in writing these papers is to take their personal reaction to an assigned reading and deepen it by doing a close reading of a text – that is, by closely examining the words, language, and/or visual imagery used in a given text or film. For these assignments, students will pick one of […]

To what extent does France define itself through its way of living and representing sexuality and related social questions?

Students will write a 1500- to 2000-word paper (MLA style) on one or two literary works or films we have read/watched this semester. The project is an extended close reading (not research-based): students should focus only on texts and films we have already studied and present a thorough and thoughtful analysis of them. Projects must […]

How does this difference impact what the novel and the film each convey about what it means to be “human”?

Develop a thesis that focuses on differences between Deckard’s experience in the novel versus the way the character Deckard is presented in the film Blade Runner directed by Ridley Scott. Is Deckard an android? Why does it matter for the central concerns of the novel versus those of the film? How does this difference impact […]

What images can I use in my poem to show what is important to my generation, how my generation has been misunderstood or mistreated?

Purpose To both study and produce a substantial work of poetry. To analyze the experiences of your generation and communicate them using allusions, metaphors, stylistic patterns, and other poetic devices. To practice self-analysis and to justify creative decisions using clear claims and evidence. Instructions Allen Ginsberg’s poem Howl, the first reading in our third/final unit, […]

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