What you learned from your research?

Two different pages two different questions The first page you will answer Make a list of all acid-base, precipitation and redox reactions you come across on a normal day. Choose one of them and try to figure out the chemical reaction behind it. Present a 100-150 word summary of your findings to the class, making […]

Are you in agreement with either side of the argument, or do you have a differing opinion?

MODULE 1 DISCUSSION – The Qualitative-Quantitative Debate In a 1994 book, Qualitative Data Analysis , Miles and Huberman include this quote from researcher Fred Kerlinger: “There is no such thing as qualitative data. Everything is either 1 or 0” (p. 40). In sharp contrast, researcher D. T. Campbell asserts: “All research ultimately has a qualitative […]

How do you cultivate your leadership skills in interactions with others?

Part 1. Self-Awareness (1–2 pages) Based on your “Profile of Strengths” – TRANSCENDENCE (Strengths About Meaning) – appreciation of beauty and excellence, gratitude, hope, humor, religiousness, address the following: What are your leadership strengths? Explain each. Which terms from the table, “Classification of Character Strengths” (Table 6.3 in the course text) characterize your strengths? Explain […]

What do you see as the barriers to cooperation within the international community?

Under the provisions of International Health Regulations (2005) the mandatory duty for member nations is to conduct an assessment of public health events occurring within their territories in accordance with the established protocols and then to notify WHO of all qualifying events within 24 hours of the assessment. Heymann states that 4 criteria define a […]

Identify a potential mentor who might be able to help you achieve your career goals.

Assignment: Personal Branding and Networking The following Course Outcome is assessed in this assignment: PC-3.5: Engage in career development and advancement strategies, including effective networking, mentoring, and creating a personal brand. You have reviewed various resources for propelling your career forward. You started with your IDP and learning styles and values, short and long-term goals, […]

In this activity, you will analyze global temperatures between 1880 and 2005 to determine whether climate has warmed over time.

In this activity, you will analyze global temperatures between 1880 and 2005 to determine whether climate has warmed over time. All of the materials needed to complete the activity are included in this folder. Analyze temp anomalies to determine climate changed between 1800 and 2005 1. Use the spreadsheet with the data that looks like […]

What was the main thrust of the author’s premise?

PART 1 AND PART 2 PART 1: Leading Diversity: Towards a Theory of Functional Leadership in Diverse Teams (Homan, Gündemir, Buengeler, van Kleef, 2020) (Note: This is an academic research article, not a business commoner distillation of research as is typically found in business journals (eg, Fast Company, Inc, HBR, Forbes, or strategy+business). The article […]

Describe 2 tasks or deliverables in each SDLC phase you will be working on for this project.

Imagine you have been hired as an information systems (IS) consultant for Healthy Harvest, a grocery store that sources most of its products from local farmers and producers in the surrounding counties. Healthy Harvest operates two brick-and-mortar locations and wants to expand its services online via an app customers can use to order their groceries […]

In other words, what would be missing from Philippians 2 if vv. 12-18 were not part of this chapter?

Exegetical Project Exegetical Report 1: Literary Context of Phil 2:12-18—Week 2 Overview of the Exegetical Reports 1-5 The Exegetical Reports in this course feature the use of the central principles of hermeneutics in the interpretation of Scripture, and consist of five separate assignments completed by the student between Weeks 2-6. During this time students will […]

Briefly explain and summarize the writer’s argument to provide context for your reader.

Writing Your Rhetorical Analysis Your task is to compose a three-page Rhetorical Analysis essay wherein you demonstrate the ability to: 1. Introduce the writer and title of the work you are analyzing. Provide any relevant background information about the text. 2. Briefly explain and summarize the writer’s argument to provide context for your reader. 3. […]

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