In what ways does the show promote social and emotional development?

Prepare for this post by watching a few clips (approximately 2 or 3) of Blue’s Clues via Nick Jr. (Links to an external site.) After watching the program and completing the readings this week, explore the following topics in your initial post. Please be sure to mention the title of the episode and describe a […]

What normative history-graded influences do you believe will impact the development of those currently in middle childhood and how?

After watching the Generations Throughout History video Generations Throughout History – YouTube and reading the “Development is Contextual” excerpt in this week’s module, please answer the following questions in approximately 200-300 words. 1. What is a normative history-graded influence? 2. What normative history-graded influences in middle childhood have impacted your development and how? 3. What […]

How can you use the scientific method to find and address possible problems in your research design?

The scientific method allows us to pose questions, test questions, and analyze results. Through observation and research we begin to understand the world around us. Consider research you have read about or been a part of and analyze the following in one page:Was the Scientific method followed? How? What pieces were or were not part […]

How did the results influence your motivation to show compassion in personal and professional living?

For the first part of your final assignment, you will build upon your infographic submission in Session 4 (I will include that in the next day or 2) to detail a proposed compassion training program in an infographic format. The second part of your assignment will provide an opportunity for you to reflect on your […]

What is an example of a scenario in which the Code of Ethics and a common understanding of compassion might not necessarily align?

Examine the APA Code of Ethics. After reviewing these principles, write a response paper addressing the following questions: Does the APA Code of Ethics align with the principles of compassion we have studied and discussed in this course? Why or why not? Provide at least three specific examples cited from the Code of Ethics that […]

Describe how the following could help and hinder Pat’s ability to be successful at the game.

Part 1: Answer the following question in at least 500 words: Matt is playing a favorite video game. Describe how the following could help and hinder Pat’s ability to be successful at the game. –Adaptation –Figure-ground –Place theory of hearing –Perceptual set –Weber’s law Part 2: (chart attached) Complete the chart and describe the theories […]

Describe the populations for which the test is normed.

The milestone guidelines and vignettes to choose from are attached to this post. That should be everything needed to complete this. Overview: For your final project, you will develop a conceptualization of an individual based on background information and the results of a few select tests. To do so, you will examine research to understand […]

Discuss the extent to which the interventions are responsive to the needs of diverse groups of clients and provide any available evidence that support claims of their effectiveness with such groups.

Students will choose a specific subpopulation of trauma survivors and address interventions for this population. The paper will include a literature review using scholarly references; provide a critical analysis of the intervention, theory related to the intervention, a discussion of how well the intervention addresses diversity issues, and a discussion of implications for social work […]

What is the evolutionary argument about aggression?

Assessment 3 Instructions: Aggression Intervention Training Design a research-based Aggression Intervention Training Plan to minimize aggression for the setting in which you are currently working, or a setting from your previous professional experience.IntroductionSocial psychology is a scientific, research-based discipline. However, research in the field can be applied to understanding human behavior in a wide variety […]

Can conflict within a group ever be productive?

Assessment 4 Instructions: Executive Coaching This assessment has two deliverables. Develop “Groupthink-No-More” guidelines for teams AND complete either Option 1 OR Option 2 for the second deliverable.IntroductionMany organizations aspire to be “innovative environments,” but are plagued with less-than-successful outcomes. The executive team may decide to hire a social psychologist to identify the root causes of […]

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