Explain how antiviral drugs work and how do they differ from other organisms’ treatment?

Chapter 14: https://openstax.org/books/microbiology/pages/14-introduction Chapter 20: https://openstax.org/books/microbiology/pages/20-introduction Chapter 6: https://openstax.org/books/microbiology/pages/6-3-isolation-culture-and-identification-of-viruses Pick 2 of the following to discuss. Explain the diagnostic methods used in identifying unknown organisms (ie: microscope, metabolic, etc). (USLO 11.1) List differences between pathogens (fungi, bacteria, protozoan, etc) that could be a selective target for drug treatment. (USLO 11.2) Describe the modes of action […]

Describe the weather event you selected and summarize the severe weather that occurred close to your selected sounding site.

a. Copy and paste your selected SkewT-LogP chart as the first item of your individual report. Be sure the variables listed on the right-hand side of the figure are included in what you copy. Introduce the figure in your report with appropriate text so a reader can understand what is being presented. Include your name […]

How can recognizing these barriers help you to avoid them in the future?

This week, you learned about the barriers to being an effective and informed problem solver. Describe a time when you encountered one of these barriers in your personal or professional life. How can recognizing these barriers help you to avoid them in the future? Confirmation Bias Mental Set Functional Fixedness Unnecessary Constraints Groupthink Irrelevant Information […]

Explain major mechanisms involved in the regulation of gene expression.

Directions In this assignment, you will read the assigned book The Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA by James B. Watson and write an original scholarly article in which you perform a thoughtful analysis, critique, or other evaluation of a relevant scientific, methodological, ethical, or historical aspect (or […]

Analyze the weather maps and imagery provided here to identify the presence of visual indicators

Instructions: Analyze the weather maps and imagery provided here to identify the presence of visual indicators supporting that the mid-latitude cyclone centered over the US Great Lakes region of the United States is in the development stages. Descriiptions and explanations should use terminology appropriate to the processes involved in mid-latitude cyclone development, integrating concepts and […]

Explain how this article shows consideration and evidence of how the protection of first responders or receivers within a community or workplace can be strengthened.

Instructions For this assignment, you will locate and then critique an article from the CSU Online Library. Begin by selecting a contemporary safety issue for today’s first responders. Research a specific Emergency Support Function (ESF), and locate an article from the library that focuses on the protection of first responders or receivers who support your […]

How many mutations would there be each generation of each E.coli strain?

A strain of E.coli has been isolated that can’t correct any replication errors. It has a mutated ε subunit so that Pol III HE can still function as a polymerase but has lost its proofreading function as a 3’ to 5’ exonuclease. This E.coli strain also has a non-functioning mismatch repair system. By considering the […]

What can you say about the purity of your final sample of protein?

Hello, I need someone that can write a discussion section for me, discussing the results and further instructions can be seen below. The discussion section is where you present your interpretation of your results. You should look at your results and decide what they mean e.g. Was your mutant expressed in entirely soluble form, how […]

Should screening for diseases or defects be allowed when there is no cure or treatment?

Should we create Babies by Design https://mass.pbslearningmedia.org/resource/tdc02.sci.life.gen.babiesbydesign/should-we-create-babies-by-design/ The ethical dilemma of designer babies | Paul Knoepfler Pick ONE ethical issue from one of the questions below, create a newspaper editorial (about two to three paragraphs) and post it for your peers to agree or disagree about your views and then respond to two of your […]

Discuss the differences between gram-positive and gram-negative cell walls.

Prompt 1: Name the organism to which you were assigned for the Microorganism Profile Assignment and list: whether it is a bacteria, virus, protozoan, fungus or helminth one of the diseases/conditions it can cause. Prompt 2: Please select 2 of the prompts below to discuss: Differentiate prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Be sure to include at […]

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