Explore how your practicum engages in practice with groups and families

For this discussion: Reflect on the readings concerning social work practice with groups and families. Explore how your practicum engages in practice with groups and families: the practicum site engages in practice with therapy groups focusing on conflict the veteran fought in (OEF, OIF, Vietnam, etc) as well as sessions with the servicemember and their […]

Why is consistent documentation of Anthony’s visit with the practitioner important?

Details As discussed in Chapter 8, treatment plans are what follow the assessment process and are created in collaboration with the client. There are many different templates for treatment plans, but some of the basic information gathered is outlined in your text as well as some additional examples in this week’s module which can be […]

What would be your next steps if you wanted to see a representation of all age groups at your agency?

Assignment Scenario You are evaluating the mental health services provided to children by your agency. The agency provides trauma-informed counseling services to children and youth, ages 5–18. The agency’s goal is to have a relatively equal distribution of children and youth, in terms of ages, who seek services. You will complete a frequency distribution of […]

Describe an evidence-based intervention you would apply to a child with this disorder

Diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder, Depression, and Anxiety The unit readings provide an extensive understanding of multiple disorders, including bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety. For this discussion, choose one of the following cases: Julia: A 14 year-old who is refusing to go to school after being bullied. She reports feeling nervous and complaining of a stomach ache […]

What is the policy you want to change?

Effective communication is key to policy development, public opinion, advocacy, and clear and concise communication is vital to a social worker’s professional role. Your white paper project requires that students identify, assess, analyze, formulate, and advocate to promote a specific policy change to advance human rights, improve social, economic, or psychological welfare, or increase environmental […]

How to write a press release that gets the media’s attention

The above is the entire order. Please try to do it similar to the video example which is this short video. I would like as a topic Immigration in the US let me know any question This is the 2nd part of “Power of the Press.” Make sure you have read Part One: Link. As […]

What psychoeducation would you provide to Jessica and why?

USE BOOK ON REFERENCE PAGE Details Chapter 6 discusses several intervention methods as well as various cultural considerations. Review Case 6.2 in your text and respond to the questions listed below using information from the text as well as any other outside sources. 1) What intervention is Kim using with Jessica, and why did she […]

What stakeholders will oppose your proposal, and how will you neutralize their opposition?

OTHER: In the first Paragraph: Add: other stakeholders include medical professionals; public health workers; medical schools/institutions; incarcerated people; families of incarcerated people they would be stakeholders because they would have a role in implementing the training on quality of perinatal care for incarcerated patients, as well as developing continuing ed training materials on the roles, […]

Explain how you can improve practice by evaluating the outcomes of practice.

Define evidence-based practice in your own words. Explain how you can improve your practice and achieve your professional goals by reading articles about practice or attending trainings and continuing education. Explain how you can improve practice by evaluating the outcomes of practice. Provide an example by identifying whether you met or did not meet the […]

What are some influences that you think may affect your attachment relationships with your own important caregivers

For this activity, you will read the article by Wong, Mangelsdorf, Brown, Neff, & Schoppe-Sullivan (2009) called “Parental beliefs, infant temperament, and marital quality: Associations with infant-mother and infant-father attachment.” Share your responses to the questions below with the class. You will also respond to one of your classmate’s posts, agreeing or disagreeing, and supporting […]

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