And was it a group for adolescents as described above or for anyone experiencing grief?

Please correct and expand the paper (total 3 pages and references) Use same sources. The first section should be the population you plan to study and learn more about. At first, it sounds like that is what you are addressing, but then with the added reference, it seems like that is the population for the […]

How have dynamics of personal identity and organizational power and hierarchy impacted your change leadership?

1. Change Leader Interview For this assignment, students are asked to conduct an interview with an organizational/institutional leader with whom they identify. The purpose of the interview is to gain insights from the leader about their experience guiding any area of change within their organization. This will be an opportunity to explore what went well, […]

What social validity measures would you identify that will support the gains made from the study?

Overview of Task This handout describes the criteria for the method paper. The paper should address the content and use the headings, as identified below and should be written in APA format. The length of the paper, excluding the references page, cover page, should not exceed 9 pages. An abstract is not required for this […]

Don’t you agree that term limits should be imposed in Congress?

The following questions might be found on an intake, survey, or assessment instrument. Using information from your assigned reading for the week, describe any problems with each of the following questions. If there are no problems with the questions, simply put “good question” as your response. Your responses should be one to two pages and […]

Explain the essential values that are common to the members of an interdisciplinary team to patient care.

To prepare for this Assignment, select a discipline of medical social work of interest to you (oncology social work). Then, read the assigned case study and think about how a team would care for or provide service to the identified client. Case study: Claire is a 60-year-old Caucasian female. She has been married to her […]

Explain any similarities or differences when assessing dynamics in a group versus a family and how those dynamics may affect treatment.

Discussion: Group Dynamics and Family Dynamics When working with families and groups the priority is for the social worker to understand the process that is taking place. In both situations there is the overt (clearly stated) dynamics and the covert (hidden) dynamics. The content (what is being said) in both settings is what is open […]

Where can your audience go to learn more about your topic and/or get involved (i.e., what’s the takeaway)?

As social work leaders, it is important to master various ways of communicating information. An Infographic is a visual way to illustrate information or data. Using basic principles of design, one can utilize images and/or brief text to engage a broader audience or a targeted audience. The Client to Global Mapping assignment will be an […]

Explain why each source is useful for your research topic and how it relates to your topic.

The purpose of this activity is to encourage critical thinking about the articles/ sources you are reading (and considering using) in your personal scholarly narrative. For your scholarly personal narrative, you must connect your story to a broader audience, and you’ll need to incorporate outside sources (peer-reviewed articles, etc.) to situate and contextualize the central […]

How do you advocate and encourage intentionality in meeting the needs of marginalized groups?

Why: Reflective practice is a key element of one’s learning and development as a social worker (Mantel & Scragg, 2019). The purpose of this ongoing exercise is to provide you with a space to reflect on the course materials and explore implications and/or applications to social work practice. This will be an ongoing dyadic process […]

How is the A-B-A design a potential improvement over the A-B design, in terms of internal validity? Why?

Wordprocess your assignments using MicroSoft Word or another program which can seamlessly be translated into Word. Get WORD or its seamless equivalent. There are free copies available online and through FSU. Do not save your work as a zip file or PDF. ATTACH your assignment into the Canvas Assignment button. Do not type or cut […]

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