How consistent is the placement of navigation links on the pages you use?

(1) Find a professional article online written for people in your field. Identify the intended reader and purpose. Write description of the article describing the elements in the article that helped you identify the reader and purpose. Be sure to include the URL of the article. (2) Study your school’s Web site. Imagine you are […]

How can motion and movement enhance the banner’s visibility?

Basic animated motion-tween animation created in Animate. This should be a web advertisement/banner that communicates a quick but compelling message. Requirements: Static Banner: • Photoshop • 336 px x 280 px (square banner size) • 72 dpi • RGB • Must have CTA Animated .gif • Photoshop • 160 px x 600 px (skyscraper banner […]

Which of those houses you should remodel before listing so that they get the maximum value?

Your objective is to find answers to the following questions using the available data: 1. Which houses you should assign to yourself so that they maximize the total selling price (because your commission is a percentage of the selling prices), with the constraint that the sum of the gross area of those houses is less […]

What is the shortest route a delivery driver can take while servicing the most amount of cities?

Amazon services a number of cities across the GTA. In order for Amazon to complete deliveries to all cities, the drivers must find the optimal route between the two distribution centres in Oshawa and Burlington. What is the shortest route a delivery driver can take while servicing the most amount of cities? What is the […]

Would you rely on the rwf or your specified ARIMA model to forecast unemployment rate for the next 3 periods?

From Fred Database get the unemployment rate monthly series(period 1960 until the latest possible). Use the R-code to get the data directly from Fred. Try to find the right ARMA model that helps explain the dynamics of the unemployment rate in the USA. Please explain the ARIMA model you picked. Then, produce the forecast values […]

What happens if the player enters an invalid direction?

This assignment is specifically to write a working code for moving between rooms in a text-based game. Code must be developed on the PyCharm application which can be downloaded for free at I will include text from the rubric for the assignment in the instructions and relevant documents in additional materials. Prompt/Instructions: For this […]

How many sequencing runs were done?

Assignment: According to the database you have been assigned below, create a vibrant and informative infographic. In the infographic briefly explain how the website is organized, and present the purpose of the database by answering the following assigned questions. Show step by step how one would answer the question. The infographic should be done at […]

Can you identify any accessibility items such as ARIA labels?

This order is for writer [344065] Assignment Using the Developer Tools is a great way to help identify any issues with your HTML and CSS and to look at how other developers have designed their sites. To get us more comfortable using the developer tools, and to get an idea of what the HTML code […]

Write down all the codes and commands in each step.

work on lab 9. Instructions and data is provided. Please be meticulous and execute each step thoroughly. Write down all the codes and commands in each step. Present graphs as appropriately. Please write down which answers and graphs applies to which step.

Find the best visualizations possible to answer the question.

Use TreeMap This homework has the following Excel file AircraftEvents2017-2018-9.xlsx attached to it. The purpose of the assignment is to use TreeMap to interactively create the best visualization(s) that help answer the question below. Each time one such view is obtained, copy it into a document, making sure Legends tab is visible on TreeMap (on […]

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