Classify bones according to their shape and structure

bulleted prompts below to write about for this week’s reflection.
. Give an example of each.
Compare the microscopic and macroscopic structure and functions of bone.
It is expected that you will include both in-text and final references properly formatted in APA on all reflection postings. For help with this refer to the Academic Writer tab to the left of your screen.
Refer to the syllabus for a complete breakdown of the expectations.
Expectations: Provide examples from the text and lecture material (located in the Unit folders), as well as from your own experiences. Don’t simply recite the text and don’t simply give me your opinion. Your input should be in your own words, demonstrating your understanding and comprehension of the topic. Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the assigned readings and lecture material, as well as any other relevant research you find appropriate. This is a first post forum meaning you will not be able to see the posts of others until you create your post.

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