Comment on any relevant impacts to the patient/client experience, interprofessional practice or social justice.

The purpose of the Trend Analysis is to apply concepts of a complex
adaptive system to an analysis of a specific current trend or market
force in health care related to one of the following topics.
Social determinants of health
Population health
Patient/client experience
Financing of health care (reimbursement and payment reform)
Emerging models of health care delivery
Technology (clinical or administrative)
Health care management/managers
If you have an idea for a topic that doesn’t seem to fit in any of
these categories, submit it to your instructor for approval in the form
of a very brief proposal describing the trend and why it is important.
The student will demonstrate mastery of the course content by
researching the trend or market force and its potential impact on the
current continuum of care and the health care system as a whole using
basic systems concepts to support your analysis. Based on your analysis,
you will formulate a recommendation for how health care managers or
clinicians should respond to the trend or market force now. We will also
make use of your analysis in our final Innovation Lab.
In Part I of the course sequence, HCA 402A, you focused on the micro
level of how a single patient receives services across the current
continuum of care, including the entire range of preventive, curative
and restorative services available in the US health care system. For
this assignment, the focus is on the macro level and performance of the
full system and all of its relevant services across the entire
As you have learned, a complex adaptive system is very sensitive to
even small changes in the external environment or to other systems
nested within it. Big trends may fizzle out with little long term
impact, while small local trends, including simple changes in
assumptions about health and the purpose of health care, can
fundamentally alter the entire system over time. No idea is too bold or
too creative. All things are possible…
Select a trend or market force that is of interest to you. Hopefully,
you’ve used the Health Services in the Headlines to have already done
some research into this particular emerging trend or market
force. Consider how this trend or market force might impact the entire
Brainstorm a set of potential positive and negative outcomes related
to the selected trend or market force, with particular attention to
optimal access, cost and quality. Using the concepts from systems theory
(diverse agents, non-linear interdependencies, self-organization,
emergence and co-evolution), explain the nature of the trend or market
force and create a set of recommendations to guide health care managers
or clinicians in responding to this trend or market force as the health
care system continues to evolve.
The paper is written in three sections and will be scored according to the following rubric.
Section 1: Summary description of the trend or market force and how it fits into the current health care system (1-2 pages).
Section 2: Description of the potential positive and
negative impacts of the trend or market force in both the short and
long term using CAS concepts (2-3 pages). Focus on improved access, cost
and quality. Comment on any relevant impacts to the patient/client
experience, interprofessional practice or social justice.
Section 3: Proposed recommendations to health care managers (or clinicians) on how to respond to the trend or market force. (1-2 pages).

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