Compare and contrast the definition of a good man in two of the works that we read. Jackson Jackson?

In contrast to the literary reader response assignment, literary analysis focuses on the work. You have had the opportunity to read, analyze, and discuss several short fiction works and one play. Your literary analysis essay will show your ability to analyze one or more of these works.
Topic Choices: Your essay should connect two of the works in some way and focus on one of the following topics.
Compare and contrast the definition of a good man in two of the works that we read. Jackson Jackson? the pawn shop owner?
Consider the significance of the titles in two of the works we read. Remember to analyze each “important” word. For example, If I were to analyze the title of “What you pawn, I will redeem,” important words to consider are “you,” “pawn,” “I,” and “redeem.”
Consider the prominence of one of the literary techniques (irony, symbolism, etc.) in two of the works we read. Your analysis must go beyond identification (noting the presence of these elements).
Choose a topic of your own, but make sure to focus your analysis on two of the works. I posed a number of questions for you to consider as you read the texts. The answers to these questions can turn into great papers. Just make sure that you are connecting two of the works from this module and that you aren’t just rehashing a discussion post.
Essay Requirements:
Format: MLA format, Times New Roman, size 12, no cover page
Length: 2 typed pages (not including the Works Cited page)
3rd person POV only
Use of Outside Sources: None. Use the literary texts and class materials only. If you do consult an outside source, you MUST credit that source through MLA citation with borrowed words and ideas.
Two literary works from the fiction and drama module are analyzed in this essay.
The essay contains an analytical, argumentative thesis statement. This means that you take a position. Irony is present in Works X & Y is not analytical. “Irony reinforces the tragic truth that Mrs. Mallard in X and the grandmother in Y gain a new understanding about life too late” is both analytical and argumentative.
Provide Effective Support: Plot summary is not effective support. Assume that your reader is familiar with the overall plot and focus your analysis on relevant passages and/or plot elements. While quotations from the works must be used to support your thesis statement, smoothly incorporate the best words as quotations in your own sentences. Avoid quoting entire sentences whenever possible.
Original work: Essay may not be a resubmission of an essay submitted to another instructor for any other course. A plagiarized essay, accidental or intentional, will receive no credit and will be subject to the school’s academic integrity policy. Remember, borrowing WORDS OR IDEAS from another source without giving the author credit is plagiarism.
Literary terms MUST be used in this essay.
Essay should include a Works Cited list containing the literary work(s) analyzed.
I attached the first work that needs to be analyzed in the files section. The second work is this link:
Let me know if you have any trouble

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