Consider and list the potential consequences each of these threats might produce.

Unit 3 – Individual Project
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Unit: Understanding and Conducting a Vulnerability Analysis (VA) on INDUSTRIAL BASE SECTOR
Deliverable Length: 2-3 pages in APA 6th edition format
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Assignment Objectives
Analyze a sector using network theory.
Break down the critical components that are highly important to the sector.
Model the most important components as a fault-tree to extract the critical vulnerabilities of the sector.
Recognize the most salient vulnerabilities associated with each sector.
In a 2 page paper, deliver an analysis of the threats, consequences and likelihoods you must consider to assess risks in your network, to your asset and/or links. Be concise, yet comprehensive.
The following elements should be included in your paper:
Consider and describe the threats that might impact each node or type of node.
Links may be critical too, but absorb these in considering threats to your nodes. For example, if a road links 2 power production facilities, and its impassibility in the winter means employees do not make it to work, you should simply cast this threat in terms of how it impacts the node. In other words, there is a threat of employees not reporting to work because of the remoteness of facility and routinely impassable roads.
Every node should have multiple potential threats, and these should be realistic and fully described.
Do not choose obscure or extremely unlikely threats, or you will find that infinite possibilities exist.
You must use professional and governmental sources to help identify realistic threats.
Consider and list the potential consequences each of these threats might produce.
All submissions must be below 10 percent on TURNITIN originality verification.
For assistance with your assignment, please use the following resources, and course materials.
Sherman, Jason.Inside the Pentagon’s Inside Missile Defense; Arlington Vol. 18, Iss. 20, (Oct 3, 2012).
Defense industrial base sector: Cyber security and information assurance
by Perry, Steven P., Jr
Characterizing Risk in the United States Defense Industrial Base Using Systemic Centrality and Community Measures
Ullrich, John B.The George Washington University, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2021. 28716592.
An Approach to Sustainability Risk Assessment in Industrial Assets
García-Gómez, Fco Javier; Rosales-Prieto, Víctor Fco; Sánchez-Lite, Alberto; Fuentes-Bargues, José Luis; González-Gaya, Cristina.Sustainability; Basel Vol. 13, Iss. 12, (2021): 6538. DOI:10.3390/su13126538

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