Could you recommend an article to add to this bibliography?

Purpose: To access e-resources and use a bibliographic database to find articles from an academic journal through the online library.
Task: Watch the tutorial on retrieving information from the online library. Using an appropriate database search for articles relating to ‘Strategic Studies’.
Produce a bibliography containing two articles chosen by you. One that is available through the University of London’s online library and the other through the SOAS library.
Write a short paragraph of no more than 200 words to accompany each entry in your bibliography, telling your colleagues why each article is worth reading and what they will gain from using your bibliography.
Post the bibliography and its rationale in the e-tivity 2 Forum at least two days before the deadline.
Respond: Return to the e-tivity 2 Forum and explore a bibliography recommended by one of your colleagues.
Post a reply under this entry giving your thoughts on the selection of articles that were recommended to you. Please post in reply to at least two other students. How useful and interesting did you find this selection? Could you recommend an article to add to this bibliography? This will be a good opportunity to reflect on the thoughts expressed in the weekly reading.
Submit both forum entries (Task and Response) to TurnItIn in a single document, no later than 23.59 (London time) on the date of the submission.
E-tivity submission dates are detailed in the Study Calendar.
Selected by one of the students:
Ho, P., 2021. Strategic studies in practice: A South‐East Asian perspective. In: R. W. Glenn, ed. New
Directions in Strategic Thinking 2.0. Australia: ANU Press, pp. 117‐132.
NEAG, M. M., 2021. Importance of Strategy in Modern Military Action. Revista Academiei Fortelor
Terestre, 26(2), pp. 125‐131.
Selected by another student:
Dyson, T. (2011). “Managing convergence: German military doctrine and capabilities in the 21st century”, Defence Studies, 11(2), pp.244-270
Howard, M. (2001). “Grand strategy in the twentieth century”, Defence Studies, 1(1), pp.1-10
Larsdotter, K. (2019). “Military Strategy in the 21st Century”, Journal of Strategic Studies, 42(2), pp.155-170
Selected by another student:
Moravcsik, A., 1992 Liberalism and international relations theory. Center for International Affairs, Harvard University Cambridge, MA.
Moravcsik, A., 1997 ‘Taking preferences seriously: A liberal theory of international politics’, International organization, 51(4), pp. 513–553.
Another student comments:
Found through SOAS Library:
Mack, A. (1975). “Why big nations lose small wars: The politics of asymmetric conflict”, World Politics: A Quarterly Journal of International Relations, pp.175-200
Found through University of London Library:
Arreguin-Toft, I. (2001). “How the weak win wars: A theory of asymmetric conflict”, International Security, 26(1), pp.93-128

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