Create a single slide using Google Slides file included below that includes the following:

3 points
Due Monday, February 14th By 11:59pm
There are three tasks to complete:
1. Review, select if you consent/don’t consent to participate in a research study I am working on, and submit the “Electronic Informed Consent for Metacognitive Media Literacy: Scaffolded Modules Supporting Self-Regulated Learners in MCS 101” form found here: – Please be clear, there is no pressure to choose to consent and I will only be told who completed the form, not what option they selected.
2. Complete the “MCS 101 Motivational Beliefs and Self-Regulated Learning Pre-Survey Spring 2021” document found here: – Once again you need to complete the survey for the Asynchronous Unit, but you have the option of either consenting or not consenting to have the results shared with me. These responses are being collected by an independent party in the Faculty Development Center, who will provide me with a list of students completing the document. There is no pressure to agree to consent to participate, but you still must complete the survey. Please remember for the survey and consent forms I will receive a list of students who completed these tasks, but I will not see your responses connected to your names. The assignment is graded completely based on completion.
3. Create a single slide using Google Slides file included below that includes the following:
Your preferred name (what do you want to be called in class?)
An image you identify with (it can be a picture of yourself or an ‘avatar’)
Something you consider yourself an huge fan of or a burgeoning expert on.
Something you think everyone else should know/care/be passionate about (a social issue or civic responsibility)
The ways you represent the previous two bullet points is up to you. You can use words, images, or gifs.
As an example of the introductory slide please view my example below (remember students can make this their own as long as they address the prompt).
I have included a blank template for you to use to complete the assignment. Remember to submit your final slide.
The professor will collect all of these slides and put them into a single file to share with the entire class, so make sure you are comfortable with what you are sharing. I have attached mine as a model, but don’t feel the need to replicate the style in any way.
Here is the article link:

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