create an interactive desktop prototype of the redeveloped website according to the design specifications provided by Paradigm Pet Professionals.

OTHER: The paper hasn’t met the Evaluator standard. Please see the attached pdf for her critique.
I’ve attached an updated evaluation for the paper. This evaluator said a visual sitemap could not be located, and that a wireframe for both desktop and mobile is required. Once these two things are included it will pass.
I just want to make it clear that I don’t need the paper to be rewritten anymore, I just need a visual site map and a wireframe that includes a mid-fidelity wireframe that logically determines the layout for the homepage, is sized for a desktop and mobile website.
Comments from Customer
PREVIOUS PAPER INSTRUCTIONS (#447518710): You were recently hired as a UI/UX Designer for Synesthor, an IT services company that offers on-site consultation for small businesses without an IT department. Synesthor recently contracted with Paradigm Pet Professionals, a company that specializes in providing virtual consultations to pet owners with state-of-the-art, evidence-based health and well-being information. Its website was designed by a part-time intern 10 years ago. Most people who visit the website are prospective and new pet owners located in the United States who seek information about basic pet care and are interested in speaking with a consultant. Paradigm Pet Professionals contracted with Synesthor’s UI/UX department to develop a responsive website to meet the needs of its company and the needs of users.
Your first task is to evaluate the existing website and user design specifications provided by Paradigm Pet Professionals (see Web Links and Supporting Documents sections). You will also develop a sitemap, wireframe, and maintenance plan for the redeveloped website.
For your second task, you will now create an interactive desktop prototype of the redeveloped website according to the design specifications provided by Paradigm Pet Professionals.
(Website to review:
The overall message from the talk was to simplify it. He suggested simplifying the answer and craft each element of the rubric as a stand alone paragraph. Make it impossible for the reader to miss.
The rubric attachment is under the named REQUIREMENTS

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