Create visualization snapshot(s) and add any explanation as needed to allow someone to use the snapshot(s).

Homework/Discussion 2:
Tufte Principles. Explore a hypothesis in tax revenue data.
Tax revenue numbers for each state in the US (geo_code) for consecutive fiscal quarters (per_idx) is attached TaxRevenue.xlsx.
The goal of this homework is twofold: (
1) apply Tufte’s five principles and (2) produce a visualization that could help a user explore whether there is a periodicity in the tax revenues over several quarters.
For example, do some states (let’s call them the A group) experience an increase in tax revenue for two quarters and a decrease for the next two quarters (period of 4 quarters), or an increase for three quarters, followed by a decrease for two quarters (period = 5 quarters), and so on for periods in the range of 4 to 8 quarters. Note that some states may experience a periodicity of 4 while others, say group B, may show a period of 6 or 7. It is also possible that some states do not show any kind of cyclic pattern. The groups are unknown, but maybe the visualization you produced could help with identifying them – if they actually exist. Or maybe the opposite, show that such a back-and-forth pattern is not occurring.
Use any tool of your choosing and build snapshots of the final visualization(s).
Pay attention to apply Tufte’s principles to the chosen visualization(s). Even with semi-automatic tools, there is customization that can be made, and there are design decisions on the complexity and components of a visualization.
For this homework, please grade other students’ homework both based on how well they emphasize Tufte’s principles overall, and based on how well they can show cyclical patterns, or lack thereof, in the US. For the review, please make note of the reasons why you chose that particular ranking (based on Tufte and on how effective the visualization(s) is/are). No need to submit those reasons on Blackboard, but, at a later time, I may ask students to provide me with a justification of their reviews.
1. Create visualization snapshot(s) and add any explanation as needed to allow someone to use the snapshot(s).
2. Submit the document on Homework/Discussion 2.
3. After the deadline has passed, review and rank your peer’s submissions; make sure to answer both criteria independently: one for Tufte, and one for exploring cyclical patterns hypotheses.
Select visualizations (including yours) may also be shown in class.

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