Define the role human resource management plays in driving business success.

This assignment is intended to help you learn to do the following:
Describe how a company’s human resources are a source of competitive advantage.
Define the role human resource management plays in driving business success.
Write a business brief based on a 5-step critical thinking decision making model.
In this business brief, you’ll investigate how an organization uses its human resources to drive competitive advantage.
Review the Business Brief and Critical Thinking Resources
Use these resources to help you plan and write your business brief:
Business Brief Guidelines (Links to an external site.): Be sure to view the sample business brief.
5-Step Critical Thinking Matrix (Links to an external site.)
S. in Human Resources Management LibGuide (Links to an external site.)
Choose an Organization
Choose an organization you’d like to explore throughout this course. It can be the organization where you work or one with which you’re familiar. Before you choose, please read all of the course assignments. Make sure that you’ll have access to the information required to complete these assignments. In Module 6, you’ll submit a Comprehensive Plan for improving the quality of selected HR management practices within your area of influence. In this assignment, you’re required to include an HR Metrics Table illustrating at least 6 key areas for your organization, including targets and current results. Therefore, choose an organization that exemplifies how the topics in the table are done well.
Write Your Business Brief
Your brief should be approximately 700 to 900 words. Format and organize it according to the Business Brief Guidelines (Links to an external site.). Include the following sections:
Introduction: Briefly describe the organization you selected, its purpose, and why you chose the organization.
HR and Competitive Advantage: Describe how your selected organization currently uses its human resources to drive competitive advantage within its business model.
Conclusion: Summarize your key points.
References: Include an APA-formatted references page that contains at least 4 authoritative (Links to an external site.) At least two sources must be scholarly (Links to an external site.).
Action Items:
Write your business brief as directed in the overview.

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