define what a dynamic character is and then show that the character meets that definition with examples from the story.

sing at least TEN elements of fiction terms (see below), write about a character from one of the short stories on the reading list for this module.
Highlight the terms used.
This essay (introductory paragraph, body paragraphs, concluding paragraph) will be 400-500 words in length. More than 500 words is fine and will not affect the grade, but less than 400 words will result in a lower grade.
MLA formatting guidelines must be followed. MLA guidelines are in this module. Be sure to visit the link in the module that revisits the parts of an essay.
Submit to Turn-it-In by clicking on the grey arrow (upload). Review the originality report and make changes as necessary to avoid plagiarism.You can revise and resubmit until the due date.
Here are the terms you can choose from for this assignment: You cannot use any of these terms without giving examples that demonstrate the definition.
Protagonist dynamic character
Antagonist foreshadowing
Internal conflict first person point of view
External conflict third person point of view
Verbal irony setting
Dramatic irony theme
Situational irony symbolism
Round character character verses society, man, nature
Flat character
You cannot just simply write that __________ is a dynamic character. You need to define what a dynamic character is and then show that the character meets that definition with examples from the story.
The introduction paragraph should introduce the short story, the author, and the character. Follow the rules for italicizing or using quotation marks for titles.

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