Demonstrate developed written communication skills.

Marking criteria:
Subject Knowledge:
Show that you understand the central and essential premises of customer analytics, and critically evaluate its role, usefulness, and applicability in a business context.
Demonstrate an ability to evaluate the appropriateness of different customer analytics techniques in specific contexts
Subject Skills
Correctly apply customer analytics methods in the software R Studio.
Use graphics to communicate customer analytics insights effectively
Cognitive Skills
Demonstrate developed analytical skills through solving the cases in the assignment.
Demonstrate the ability to conduct effective research and synthesise logical arguments.
Critically evaluate data collection practices in businesses from a customer analytics perspective.
Key Skills
Demonstrate developed written communication skills.
Demonstrate effective problem-solving skills (both theoretically, and when it comes to the programming implementation of a selected method)
Topics covered in the module:
Introduction to customer analytics
Defining the project / running descriptive analytics
Regression analysis
Logistic regression analysis
Experimental design / Analysis of Variance
Decision trees
Cluster analysis
Further methods/reporting

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