Describe at least one aspect of the article that was of personal interest to you, or a strength or two of the article.

Topic of interest to explore and write about: Superstitious Behavior
After reading the journal article (attached) and text material specific to topic in chapter 6 of text (pdf of textbook attached) –
then provide the folllowing in the paper:
The rationale of the article, like, why was it written. Or, what was the hypothesis (or purpose). This should address
the question, “Why was it written?”
The conclusion(s) or final assertions of the study, and the evidence on which this or that conclusion/assertion was
based. If data were collected, a brief summary of the methodology is appropriate.
Describe at least one aspect of the article that was of personal interest to you, or a strength or two of the article.
Something you liked, or a strength of the article.
Describe at least one aspect of the article that you considered a weakness. For example, what questions are left
unanswered? What would you have done different if you had written the article or conducted the research?
A brief description how the journal article relates to the topic (Superstition/Superstitious behavior) in Chapter 6 of the Chance (2014) text. You will need to cite the Chance text in your narrative and list it in your References section. Here, for example, in your narrative you might describe how the two sources agree or complement each other, or how they might contradict each other, or how reading the Chance text prompted you to dig further on the topic so you found an interesting article.
Some style details of your Research papers are as follows:
Write between 300 to 400 words (we will not read more than 400 words) in your narrative.
(Total word count not to be counted in your title page or your References section.)
Use APA format (7th edition).
Papers should have three basic sections: (1) title page; (2) narrative (or discussion); and (3) a References section
At least two citations must be listed in your References section: (1) the Chance text; and (2) your journal article.
Proofread paper. Points are deducted for incorrect grammar, spelling errors, and APA errors.
Assume your reader is most interested in details and data that may be revealed in your academic journal article.
The focus of your paper is the academic journal, not information in Chance (2014). Be sure you provide enough
information so that the reader of your Research Assignment Paper knows you read the whole article, and not merely a summary of it (an Abstract). Be sure you cite this journal article in the References section.

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