Describe how financial concerns can affect the decision-making process.

Students are to read the case study, In re Conroy and provide a brief synopsis of the case and answer the following questions.
1. Should life-sustaining treatment may be withheld or withdrawn from an incompetent patient?
2. Discuss how the principles that apply to this situation or Describe how the principles of patient autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice may have been violated in the case.
3. Explain how moral values, religious beliefs, education, and life experiences of both caregivers and patients complicate the resolution of healthcare dilemmas.
4. Describe how financial concerns can affect the decision-making process.
5. Describe how corporate culture can affect the decision-making process.
6. Are all the elements required in a negligence suit present? If yes or no explain 6. What standard of care is required?
7. How would you argue for the plaintiff(s)?
8. What evidence would you consider presenting?
9. How would you defend the defendant(s)?
10. What are your defense options?
Assignment Details
Synopsis includes all important aspects of the background of the case, identify all unique features of the case, and identifies all problems in the case. This section should be first. A minimum of 150 words.
To receive full credit responses must be thorough and exhibit strong critical and analytical skills. ALL responses MUST be supported and cited by evidence.
Responses must be original and exhibit strong knowledge of the course materials.
Each response must a minimum of 75 words.
Binary responses (yes or no) are PROHIBITED and will result in a zero for that particular question.
Students are to include questions with the responses.
Acceptable forms of evidence includes textbook, peer-review articles, governmental websites, law and health policy textbooks.
Four sources are REQUIRED.
Responses must be supported by examples and examples must be supported evidence.
All case study analysis must be APA formatted
A title cover page is required APA style
Header- left margin name of the case, “In re Conroy, 1985” [do not include “”]
Right margin- last name, first name
Questions- single space. Responses 1.5 spacing
Times New Roman, 12 font size
/20- Synopsis: Meets “Proficient” criteria, and summary is clear and succinct, does not repeat the detail of the case or analysis, and has consistent flow throughout. Student discusses an in-depth and critical assessment of the facts of the case in relation to available research.
/30- Content: Includes completion and accuracy of responses to questions and integration of supported evidence. Content (group presented accurate & relevant information, appeared knowledgeable about the case studies assigned and the topic discussed, offered strategies for dealing with the problems identified in the case studies)
/15- Questions to Ponder: Describes one aspect of the case that was found to be confusing, create 2 questions for further consideration, or which more information would deepen understanding or aid in making application to practice.
/20- Recommendations: Student proposes a detailed action plan of final recommendations, and justifies recommendations with specific evidence.
/15- Writing/Organization: Response is well-organized, full development of ideas, strong sentences, effective and varied transitions; APA format, Flawless spelling, punctuation, and capitalization; varied and interesting sentence structure.
Order of Paper and headers
Listed Questions & Responses
Questions to Ponder
Reference page

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