Describe how people were interacting–were they in groups, alone, or spread out?

If you can’t do in-person participant observation, please do the following on your own: choose a place where you can observe human activity safely. This will depend on whether or not you are ill, but think of a place that you usually go or a view you have from your window where you can observe people just going about their normal lives. Use your notebook to record your observations for 15 minutes. Reflect on your experience and what you observed in a 100-250 word fieldnotes entry. Consider addressing the following:
Where did you go to practice participant observation?
Describe the spot where you positioned yourself
What did you see? Describe the scene: where were people, what were they doing, how was the space structured?
Describe how people were interacting–were they in groups, alone, or spread out?
Did you see anything that surprised you?

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