Describe how you saw the symbiotic relationship between the two organisms

Please follow all instructions as indicated:
Watch the dance “Symbiosis” by Pilobolus at ( (Links to an external site.)).
Describe how you saw the symbiotic relationship between the two organisms (dancers). I recommend referring to all the dance discussions when writing your paper. Please be detailed in your descriiption and provide your views on the interaction between the organisms. You should watch the video several times.
I will post the discussion posts and the professor’s comments so you have a better idea here.
The first post is What is dance?
James F. Calicchio II
June 22, 2022
Art 1000C
Professor Louis DiGena
CalicchioJ: What is Dance?
My definition of dance is one’s way of expressing his or her feelings or emotions through body movements. It allows one’s energy to be released through body movements while listening to music. Many years ago, in New York City far, far away there were many nightclubs that allowed many people to go there and let their energy be exerted through dance. I use to go to many nightclubs such as the Tunnel, Roxy, Expo, Roseland Ballroom, Limelight, SoundFactory, Twilo, Cheetah lounge, China Club, Copacabana, and many others. These nightclubs allowed people like myself to go out and dance from 11 pm to 8 am. Many people danced there and let their emotions of euphoria and happiness extend from their bodies those emotions were contagious and most people there felt that way, minus the drugs to a point. However, it was a way that we took the stresses of the daily work grind and released them at the nightclubs. It was a way how we all enjoyed people’s company and there weren’t any cell phones, just meeting people, dancing with people, and overall having a great time, and if we were lucky we got a girl’s phone number on a bar napkin. We dance to express ourselves and release tensions of everyday life and feel good. I also think the type of music has a lot to do with dancing as well. My favorite type of music even today is House, Freestyle, Reggae, and Old school Hip Hop. These genres of music definitely want to make you dance. However, I enjoy all genres of music. I would say that Def Leppard, Twisted Sister, Guns and Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and AC/DC are not recommended for dancing but more for a mosh pit. Throwing one’s hands in the air is not so much for dancing but I definitely enjoy just the same.
Out of all the videos, I think Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre at 50: A Golden Anniversary Celebration: resonated with me the most. I think that this video particularly resonated with me the most because he originally started with gospel music and the blues. Most music that we have today originates from the gospel and the blues. I know for a fact that House music came from both. Whitney Houston and Deborah Cox, and Kim English started off. with gospel singing. I know this is an art class but God gave us these abilities to praise Him and I think He gave all of us the ability to appreciate these gifts of art. The amazing thing about Alvin Ailey was that the dream that he built upon became a legacy for all people to follow in his way and improve and expand with time. Ultimately, I resonate with this because I hope one day that I can build something bigger than myself and pass it along so that future generations will be able to uphold the law and provide law and order in the future.
Professor’s comments:
Why is music typically connected with dance?
Which video challenged your views of dance?
Is dance used to tell a story or communicate complex ideas?
Dance Communication
66 66 unread replies. 122 122 replies.
Communicate what each dance video communicated and which dance expressed its best ideas and why. Go into detail.
John Bohannon: Dance vs. Powerpoint, a modest proposal (Links to an external site.)
Wayne McGregor: A choreographer’s creative process in real-time

The next post is Communication Dance:
James F. Calicchio II
June 23, 2022
Art 1000C
Professor Louis DiGena
CalicchioJ: Communication in Dance
In the first video, John Bohannon is showing the difference in presenting a PowerPoint through people and dance. It’s a new and different way people could relate to a presentation. However, the key whether it’s PowerPoint presentation on a computer or on a stage with people you need music to make it work. Music is the ultimate form of art which catches everyone’s attention. Like I stated in previous posts music is the ultimate universal language for everyone because it sets the mood and tone whether it be in an office or school setting or on a stage. I found John Bohannon’s presentation unique and effective. At first I wasn’t sure how to understand it but started to make sense as the video went on. Being able to communicate to the audience was the main objective and the music towards the end set the tone and mood.
In the second video, with Wayne McGregor he want to communicate through 3 physical forms as he stated. He wanted to transform from a physical letter or word and transform it into dance. Secondly, he wanted the audience to picture the 2 dancers as lines, object based. Thirdly, it is a task based method. He wanted to show the audience how through dance it can be communicated several different ways for each and every one of us to learn because we don’t all learn the same.
My Professor’s comments are;
Which of the two dances expressed its ideas the best, and why?
Did you find yourself mirroring any of the movements?
Please follow this template when creating the paper:
I uploaded it for you

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