Describe the arguments that the author provides for/against various answers/approaches to the problems discussed.

1. First, send me the paper topic you want to write, briefly explain your point of view, and send me a confirmation via chat. If the topic is fine, start writing the paper later! Thanks
2. Only use the reading which I provide, I will provide enough reading for you!
Details re the papers:
First paper: Your first paper should be mainly expository. Select a philosophy paper/article/book chapter on one of the topics disused or will be discussed in Ney’s book (or on another topic in metaphysics).
1. State clearly what philosophical problem the paper addresses and what central questions I addresses
2. Describe the (alternative if there are more than one) answers to the questions addressed.
3. Describe the arguments that the author provides for/against various answers/approaches to the problems discussed.
4. describe the author’s evaluation of which, if any, answer, is best.
5. describe your view of the problem and the proposed answers (this should be no more than a paragraph in this paper)
Some examples (many of these are referenced in Ney’s book) Quine’s ”On What There is”, Quine’s” Two Dogmas of Empiricism”, Alston ”Ontological Commitments”, Paul’s “The Handmaiden’s Tale”, Carnap’s “Empiricism, Semantics, and Ontology”, Schaffer’s “Is there a Fundamental Level”, chapters from van Inwagen’s Material Beings, Putnam “Time and Physical Geometry”, D.C.Williams “The Myth of Passage” Markosian “A Defense of Presentism”, Maudlin “On the Passing of Time” Loewer “Humean Supervenience”, Loewer “Two Accounts of laws and Time” Lewis “Causation” Lewis, ”New Work for a Theory of Universals” Barnes “Ontic Vagueness”, Lewis “The Paradoxes of Time Travel”, Ismael “Closed Causal Loops and the Bilking Argument”

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