describe the effect your subjects’ upbringings had on their attitudes, values, and behaviors

Earlier in this course, we learned about socialization and how the way we are raised can affect what we think about ourselves and other people. As a reminder, socialization is the process whereby we acquire the attitudes, values, and behaviors appropriate for our culture. Here is an example: if someone was raised in the church and he or she attended church several times a week while growing up, he or she may likely be against gay marriage. Here is another one: if someone was raised in the military, they may be less likely to exhibit prejudices towards other races and ethnicities.
For this part of your project, you will examine the concept of socialization by addressing the items listed in the Assignment Details section. Please be sure to follow the guidelines for written assignments.
Assignment Details
Perform the following tasks:
Complete the reading assignment and the interactive lecture before attempting this assignment.
In approximately 250 words, respond to the questions in the Assignment Worksheet.
Your responses must have correct spelling and grammar.
Check your assignment against unintended plagiarism.
Write a 250-word narrative, using the responses from your interviews, address the following criteria:
1. Refer back to the responses your subjects gave last week, specifically responses to question #8.
As a reminder, this question was, “Name two different ways that you were brought up that you
think are different from most other people.”
o Based upon their responses, describe the effect your subjects’ upbringings had on their
attitudes, values, and behaviors.
2. Now consider how you were raised and describe what, if any, effect your upbringing has had on
your attitudes, values, and behaviors.

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