Describe the general topic of the proposal and its importance and relevance to real-world issues

Research Topic: Sleep quality will be my research topic selection. Deprivation of sleep could be detrimental to cognitive functioning, which is relevant to the field of psychology. I wanted to focus on comparing the sleep quality of participants when they are on their phones, computers, tablets, or tvs, versus when they partake in an activity other than the electronics if it would increase their quality of sleep.
Research Question: Spending time on an activity that is not electronic before bed will improve the quality of sleep.
Relevance: This topic is relevant to the field of psychology because it influences attention and memory.
Guidelines for Submission: Your paper must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. This paper should be a minimum of 4 pages in length (not including cover page and references), and it should cite at least six peer-reviewed sources:
• Describes the general topic of the proposal and its importance and relevance to real-world issues
• Meets “Proficient” criteria and provides an especially wellintegrated discussion of the key themes from the articles
• Meets “Proficient” criteria and provides specific, concrete examples of research designs utilized in previous literature
• Meets “Proficient” criteria and provides specific examples from the literature of the advantages and disadvantages of research designs
• Meets “Proficient” criteria and demonstrates understanding of appropriate research design for a research question
• Meets “Proficient” criteria and discusses key themes from the articles
• Meets “Proficient” criteria and demonstrates keen insight into the APA’s principles and standards as they apply to data analysis
• Meets “Proficient” criteria and creates an interesting research question that warrants further research
• Meets “Proficient” criteria and provides concrete evidence supporting the research hypothesis
• Submission is free of errors related to citations, grammar, spelling, syntax, and organization and is presented in a professional and easy-to-read format
Stepan, M. E., Altmann, E. M., & Fenn, K. M. (2020). Effects of total sleep deprivation on procedural placekeeping: More than just lapses of attention. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 149(4), 800–806. (Supplemental)
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Ratcliff, R., & Van Dongen, H. P. A. (2018). The effects of sleep deprivation on item and associative recognition memory. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 44(2), 193–208.
He, J. W., Tu, Z. H., Xiao, L., Su, T., & Tang, Y. X. (2020). Effect of restricting bedtime mobile phone use on sleep, arousal, mood, and working memory: A randomized pilot trial. PloS one, 15(2), e0228756.
Poh, J.-H., Chong, P. L. H., & Chee, M. W. L. (2016). Sleepless night, restless mind: Effects of sleep deprivation on mind wandering. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 145(10), 1312–1318.
Casey, S. J., Solomons, L. C., Steier, J., Kabra, N., Burnside, A., Pengo, M. F., Moxham, J., Goldstein, L. H., & Kopelman, M. D. (2016). Slow wave and REM sleep deprivation effects on explicit and implicit memory during sleep. Neuropsychology, 30(8), 931–945.

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