Describe the health issues in the Pacific Islander population.

Communication Strategies for a Health Care Initiative
A communication plan is a strategy for conveying a message to an audience. It defines the approach that will used to communicate with communities.
In this assignment, you will develop a communication plan for an organization that serves a Native American population. Use the following scenario to develop your communication plan:
It has been acknowledged by the clinic that you work for that the Native American population in your community is underserved. There is also concern that they may not recognize how significant it is to seek care so you want to identify a way to reach and engage them so they could possibly be more mindful of their health. It’s important that you reach out to them effectively.
Your communication plan must include the following:
Specify the target audience.
Indicate the key messages.
Select the communication method.
Outline the strategy for two-way communication.
Establish a timeframe for implementation.
Additional Requirements
Length: 1 to 3 pages.
Formatting: Arial or Times New Roman, 12 point. Use headings/subheadings for each component.
Resources: Cite sources in text and include a reference page (APA format).
Pacific Islander – Health Conditions
In your post, address the following:
Identify the health conditions that are most prominent in the Pacific Islander population.
Describe the health issues in the Pacific Islander population.
Support your position with resources and appropriate APA formatting and citations.
Critical Thinking Skills
Include at least one, (but not all) of the following elements of critical thinking in your posts:
Identify the assumptions (explicitly stated or implied by the writer/s) behind their statements/conclusions. You could also provide alternative assumptions for consideration.
Identify areas of uncertainty, knowledge gaps, and/or information that would be needed in order to gain a more complete understanding.
Identify areas of conflicting evidence or other perspectives.
Identify examples of criteria that could be used to evaluate the information. What would you look for that supports this type of information?
Evaluate evidence and provide support for your evaluation.

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