Describe the nature of the issue and explain its relevance to the American political process

The class is American Government. you are to create a series of 4 separate blogs. I have attached the instructions.
this should be a argumentative piece on the Vaccine controvercy. For your second blog, take the issue/topic you introduced in your first blog and create a blog
post containing the following components:
• Describe the nature of the issue and explain its relevance to the American political
process. Why is this an issue that is important and controversial right now?
POLS 1101 Franke Spring 2022
Page 4 of 13
• Explain the main controversy or controversies around the issue. Since this an academic
blog, reference at least two sources in support of each side of the argument (four
sources total).
• Conclude your blog with a sentence or two sharing your position on the issue and tell
readers what they can expect to learn in subsequent blogs, i.e., what will be the
argument you are presenting in your post? What opinion or position would you want to
convince your readers of?
This blog should be 600-800 words and will count for 2/5 of your overall blog grade. Please visit
the Blog Post 2 folder in D2L under Assignments for the grading rubric and detailed
Blogs 3-5 build on your second post and are meant to help you further develop your argument.
Three times throughout the course, you are asked to present follow-on blogs to your second
blog. In these blogs, you reflect on your topic based on information you learned in the class. In
other words, pick a concept or broad theme from a lesson that intrigues you and present how
the concept/theme relates to your topic and how it affects your opinion. You may choose any
of the lessons/chapters as inspiration for researching issues related to your topic. For example,
when discussing the court system in the United States, you could research how the Supreme
Court has decided an issue related to your topic (e.g., biodiversity as in the example above),
present in 2-3 sentences the Court’s decision and in another 2-3 sentences how that decision
impacts policies relevant to your topic. Again, conclude with a sentence or two stating and
justifying your opinion (about the Court’s decision). Make sure to properly reference your
sources (e.g., the court case you describe). (Again: Please visit each blog post folder in D2L
under Assignments for the grading rubric and detailed instructions)
Blogs 3-5 should each be 300-400 words and will each count for 1/5 of your overall blog grade.
Post your blogs by the due dates indicated in the course schedule below! Of course, you are
free to submit blog posts early! By the end of the course, you should have a minimum of five
blogs posted. You may re-submit one (1) of your blog posts after receiving feedback to improve
your grade. You have one week after receiving feedback to address comments and re-submit
your blog post. If you’d like to resubmit one (1) improved blog post, please submit it via the
resubmission folder in D2L under Assignments.
Please note: We reserve the right to submit your blog post to the plagiarism detection software
Turnitin. You can choose the material from different lessons you want to connect to your issue.
However, you may only submit one blog post per lesson.
Graded Review Activities
Each lesson (i.e., chapter in the textbook) will be followed by a short, graded review activity to
ensure you have read and understood the material. All review activities are online and open-
book with a time limit. All review activities are due before the start of the next lesson as
indicated in the schedule below! Each must be completed by the due date indicated in D2L.
Most review activities will be multiple choice quizzes, but some activities will be in a different

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