Describe the problem as it is presented in the study.

A research critique demonstrates your ability to critically evaluate an investigative study. For this assignment, choose an original or primary research study related to nursing or medicine. The purpose of this assignment is to review a research study in-depth and to decide whether or not it is a valid research study that can be used in practice. It is your written evaluation of the study, not just a summary of the study.
The body of your paper should follow APA Style guidelines, and it should 4–6 pages double-spaced plus a cover page and reference list. The full article must be attached to the critique for credit.
Note: Because submission of the article is part of the assignment requirements and is necessary for grading, any assignment submitted without the accompanying article will be considered incomplete. An incomplete assignment will be initially assigned a zero. The student has the opportunity to submit the article to complete the assignment. However, if it is submitted after the due date and time, the late penalty will apply. After five days, submissions will not be accepted, as per University policy, and the grade will remain a zero.
Articles used for one assignment cannot be used for the other assignments. (Students should find new research articles for each assignment.)
The selected articles should be original research studies. Review articles, concept analysis, meta-analysis, meta-synthesis, integrative review, and systemic review should not be used.
Mixed-methods studies should not be used.
Your critique should include the following:
Research Problem/Purpose
Describe the problem as it is presented in the study.
State the purpose of the research.
Have the investigators placed the study problem within the context of existing nursing or healthcare knowledge?
Will the study solve a problem relevant to nursing?
Review of the Literature (may be part of the author’s introduction or conclusion)
Identify the concepts explored in the literature review.
Are the references current in relation to the publication date of the study? If not, what are the possible reasons for using older sources?
Theoretical Framework
Do the authors identify their overall assumptions or a theoretical framework for the study? Are these assumptions appropriate for the study?
Does the research draw only on nursing theory, or does it draw on theory from other disciplines?
If a formal theory is not identified, suggest one (preferably a nursing theory) that might be suitable for the study. Various nursing theories can be found at
What is the research question or the hypothesis? Is it clearly stated or implied?
What are the independent and dependent variables in the hypothesis or research question?
Are the variables clearly defined so that the reader understands the researchers’ interpretation of the variables?
Is the dependent variable concrete and measurable?
What type of design (quantitative, qualitative) was used in this study?
Was inductive or deductive reasoning used in this study?
State the sample size and study population, sampling method, and study setting.
Did the investigator choose a probability or non-probability sample?
Describe how the independent variable was tested or surveyed in the study.
Describe how the dependent variable was measured.
Discuss the reliability and the validity (quantitative) or the credibility (qualitative) of the measurement tools.
How were ethical considerations addressed? What ethical considerations were necessary for this type of study?
Data Analysis
What data analysis method was used?
How were the results in the study presented to the reader?
Discuss at least one (1) finding from the authors’ results and relate it to the dependent variable of the study.
Summary/Conclusions, Implications, and Recommendations
What are strengths and limitations of the study other than those stated by the authors?
Can the researcher generalize the findings to other populations? Explain.
What is the significance of the findings and conclusions for you in your personal nursing practice? For nursing as a profession?
The body of your paper should be 4–6 pages double-spaced plus a cover page and a reference page. The critique must be attached to the article and follow APA Style guidelines.

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