Describe the respective criminal and civil jurisdiction of the courts referred to above.

You can find Hong Kong Business law details
through the website below
Please use the same format as my last
Answer ALL the questions with Introduction, Principle, Definition, Case
Analysis, Citation of cases and Conclusion
Question 1
Carrie and Donald were charged with
offences relating to the dangerous drugs. In which court(s) would they face
their trial? Describe the respective criminal and civil jurisdiction of the
courts referred to above. (15 marks)
If convicted, please illustrate which court
(s), would they appeal to? (5 marks)
Question 2
Joseph engaged Leo as his agent for buying
several trucks for Joseph’s business. Last week, Leo entered into a purchase
contract with Vehicle Ltd on Joseph’s behalf. Leo did not mention Joseph in the
contract and Vehicle Ltd did not know that Leo purchased the truck on another party’s
behalf. There is now a dispute between Leo and Vehicle Ltd over the contract.
Advise Vehicle Ltd whether he can enforce the contract against Leo. Also advise
whether Joseph can enforce the contract against Vehicle Ltd. (10 marks)
Question 3
(a) Explain ‘formality’ in the formation of
a valid contract. (5 marks)
(b) Long is a famous pianist and has agreed
to perform in a concert for Ding Ho
Entertainment Company Limited (“Ding Ho”).
However, his left hand was injured in a car accident one week before the
concert and his doctor said he could not be able to play piano for at least one
year because of the injury. Ding Ho intends to sue him for damages for breach
of contract. Advise Ding Ho. (15 marks)
Question 4
Martin and Nemo are the partners of a firm
trading in vintage wine. In a recent stock taking exercise, it was discovered
that some very expensive bottles of vintage wine had disappeared.
Nemo was responsible for entering into the
contracts with wine suppliers in respect of such vintage wine, which had been
delivered to the firm under the firm’s name. The wine suppliers are now
claiming payment from Martin as Nemo has absconded and could not be located.
Advise Martin his legal position and
potential liability in respect of the wine suppliers’ claims. (10 marks)

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