Describe the steps you took to complete the activity.

– Format: 2-3 pages, 12 pt font, times new roman font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins.
– References
should be used in AMA style, where appropriate. (References do not count towards the page
The assignment is an opportunity to participate in an individual experiential learning activity. You will complete the activity and
then submit a reflection paper about your experience.
Upon completion of the activity, the following must be submitted:
1) Evidence of completing the activity. This can be a picture of the online shopping cart
(remember, you don’t need to actually purchase anything!)
2) A 2-3 page double-spaced reflection paper addressing the following:
a. Which activity did you complete? Why?
b. Describe the steps you took to complete the activity.
c. Describe any barriers or challenges that you faced.
d. Discuss lessons learned as they relate to the class (see instructions for reflection
questions for the activity that you selected)
e. Would you recommend this activity to future students? Why or why not?
ACTIVITY: Cost Comparisons and Infant Care: For this activity, you will need to do some
online comparison shopping between a warehouse-type store, a regular grocery store, and a drug
store. For example, Costco, Giant, and CVS. With a budget of $50 for each store’s website,
which store would be a better choice for you if you have an infant and you need to online
purchase formula, diapers, and baby food in jars?
1. Defend your answer. 2. What resources does this type of comparison shopping require? 3. What skills does this type of comparison shopping require? 4. How does having or not having strong skills for comparison shopping influence health?
(name at least 2 different pathways)—-Please include the answer to these questions in your reflection paper.
A rubric for this assignment will be uploaded below, please refer to it as you are completing this assignment.

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