Describe your research methodology including the type of data you will be after; qualitative, quantitative or both.

Objective of this Assignment:
To demonstrate on-line research, written communication and problem-solving skills related to a) e-commerce as a marketing tool and b) marketing issues in the e-commerce space.
Pre-Assignment Instructions:
To prepare you for this assignment,
Read the Module 4 content and follow the embedded learning activities, and
Go to This article will reinforce your understanding of DNVB as well as provide 25 examples of recent DNVB launches to give you some ideas for this assignment.
Assignment Tasks:
Part A (15%)
You are to create a DNVB. Identify it and the products and/or services you would be offering.
Along with the name, identify the products and/or services you would be offering.
Explain how this is a DNVB versus just another e-business.
Describe the channel strategy (e.g. omni-channel, multi-channel, single channel) you think would be appropriate upon start-up. What about short-to-medium term?
Develop a research plan to determine the viability of your e-business; the target market and the needs you would be serving. Describe your research methodology including the type of data you will be after; qualitative, quantitative or both. Explain your rationale for this choice. How will you collect the data; i.e. assuming it’s all on-line, what tools and/or platforms will you use?
Note: This is a plan, not the actual strategy you described in #3.
Part B (10%)
List three challenges you would face in developing your DNVB and what help (e.g. software support, digital sales support, etc….) you would seek in addressing these challenges. Be specific in naming the products and/or services you might use.
Your submission must be formatted in accordance with APA guidelines. The submission must include the following: cover page with your name and the name of your project, table of contents, executive summary, body, bibliography, and other appendices. The report should be formatted for 8 ½ x11 paper with 1” margins, double spaced, 12 point font. No more than 2,000 words total (for both Parts A & B)
The complete bibliography will reference all work of other individuals, including course notes, textbooks, journals, websites, interviews, and proprietary documents.
Remember the importance of referencing reliable sources and APA formatting.
Check your grammar and spelling.
Submit in to drop box by the date indicated in the course calendar.

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