Determine ways to improve it for the SBAM project

You have been working with the class as a whole to develop a business plan for Enleague’s
SBAM, a spinoff from the Security Policy Institute. We will be creating a new company
name/entity, but we will refer to SBAM and Enleague for consistency here. You should be
thinking about if not already working on an individual part, prior to our final review with the
As you recall, Enleague produced business alignment modeling software and methods for a
system called SBAM. We sold the company to Coca-Cola Corp, you will be recreating a business
plan using the NETCommerce (NCC) business plan as a guide or an example.
Read through the NETCommerce (NCC) document and write a roughly 5-10 pages, a summary
of what a business plan typically contains, and what this one should contain. Examining the
example, determine ways to improve it for the SBAM project. Summarize how you envision
gathering the background information for corporate formation, and the pieces you plan to work
on, as well as branding and commercialization (e.g. will we get funding?). The section you may
wish to work on for your individual contribution -you will be estimating and allocating your own
tasks on a Trello Board later. For example, we will need:
• Value Proposition
• Competitive Analysis
• Technical Platform
1. In about 5-10 pages sift through your class readings for related materials. Using those
notes, write a summary of what a business plan typically contains, and what the
example plan should contain for our SBAM modeling system. Examining the example,
determine ways to improve it for your part of SBAM project. Provide a brief overview of
the literature you have reviewed in answering developing your writeup. Support all your
assertions, and reference outside references (APA reference style preferred).
Both the SBAM and NCC Business plan are attached.

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