Determine what Market Research Reports you want to purchase to help you moving forward.

Week 6 Business Simulation 0274522 – Rounds 3 and 4
Log into with login credentials below:
1. Join simulation 0274522
2. Review results from the previous simulation
3. Review Consulting Report
4. Participate in Consulting Advice Discussion Board for the week.
5. Review the Management, Production, Product R&D, Sales & Marketing, Human Resource, Customers & Competitors and Finance links to determine the decisions you want to make in each category.
6. Fill out your strategy journal to document your goals in each business category.
7. Be sure to call the VP of Operations, VP of Products, VP of Marketing, and the VP of Finance to get their input.
8. Determine what Market Research Reports you want to purchase to help you moving forward.
9. Save weekly decisions on or before the due dates for each simulation round. This will be posted in the weekly course announcements. Remember depending upon how many simulation rounds there are, simulations could be due throughout the week
• GoVenture CEO Learning Guide
Download GoVenture CEO Learning Guide
• Departmental VP Advice
• Market Research Reports (varies depending upon what is purchased)
• Strategy Journal
• Consulting Reports (Generated once the simulation is run, impacted by what is documented in strategy journal).

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