Determine which of the segmentation variables are the most and least useful in defining this segment

The procedure for analyzing a case study typically involves three components: identifying the issue(s) and problem(s) presented, develop a solution and finally recommendation(s) to implement the proposed solution.
In a back section of the textbook, there are several case studies presented for analysis. Your assignment is to read one of the assigned case studies from the textbook and prepare a 3 to 5 page paper, not including cover and reference pages. The paper should outline the issues/problems that are identified, your proposed solutions and finally, your recommendation(s), that will provide value to the targeted customers . To refine this assignment a bit more, your discussion must be limited to issues surrounding segmentation, targeting and positioning utilizing the overall concepts, strategies and ideas that are discussed in Chapter 8 of the text, “Creating Value for Target Customers” . Use the information you discover in the case study to:
Identify the target market segment the organization is seeking
Determine which of the segmentation variables are the most and least useful in defining this segment (Chapter 8 – Table 8-1)
Identify a marketing strategy, or strategies being used or that should be implemented to achieve your proposed recommendation(s)
Compare and contrast their market positioning with two other direct competitors, e.g., if Disney was a choice in this assignment, you could compare your analysis with similarities and differences from Sea World and Universal (this part of the assignment will entail researching competitors)
The paper that is submitted should be in 12 point, Times New Roman (or similar) font, double spaced, APA format with at least 4 reference citations, only one of which can be an appropriate reference from the text. The paper must be in the required file type of .doc, .docx or .pdf.
Choose one of the case studies below to use for this assignment. You will find them beginning on page 578 in the 8th edition text:
Zipcar: It’s Not About Cars – It’s About Urban Life
Boulder Creek
Elk Mountain Lodge

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