Did any other owned, earned, or paid digital presence arise?

This assignment is a little off the beaten path of the textbook this week. We are looping back around to social media specifics with some of the knowledge you have gained as well as your curiosity. #6 below is your actual assignment; however, you need to complete #1 – #5 before writing up the summary of your findings.
Choose a company from this list: https://topnonprofits.com/lists/top-nonprofits-on-social-media/
Check that company’s online presence – their digital footprint.
Search them with a search engine (Google).
Look at their website.
What social media platforms do they have and keep? How are they linked to their website?
Did any other owned, earned, or paid digital presence arise? (You need to read your chapter to understand the differences.)
Identify what the company’s mission and vision are and who the target audience(s) might be. If there are more than two target audiences, please narrow your responses to only two audiences.
Assess the audience and objectives of using social media and how they are complimentary or different from those of the company’s website.
Do you have any suggestions and/or compliments for the company?
Write a 1- to 2-page summary of your findings. Please organize your paper in an easy way to navigate. Use headers or tables when needed.
The overall objective of this assignment is to see how social media monitoring can help a company use social media tools to cater to more specific audiences. This type of activity should be ongoing within a company.
Be mindful of your grammar. You should be proofing your work before turning it in. I take off points for poor spelling and mechanics.

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