Did you fully address each question in its entirety?

Essay instructions – You must fully address the questions
below in approximately 750-1600 typed
words for each. Please confine your
answers to the dates specified. Each
essay section is worth 50% of the total exam grade. Late
essays will not be accepted! If you
are going to be absent, you must still submit your essay on Canvas.
Given that this is a take home exam, it is expected that you
will be accurate and precise with your analysis. You are allowed to use your notes and
textbook. Please provide page numbers
for material pulled directly from the textbook.
I do not require or recommend using outside material including online
resources. If you do use any outside
sources, you are required to provide full citation of these materials. Remember that all students will be held to
the standards of academic integrity required of college students and
participants in this class.
Grade is based on the following:
Did you fully address each
question in its entirety?
Utilize specific evidence
to back all claims
Effectively cover the time
period required
Make specific and direct
use of primary documents
Essay 1
Consider class relations in the United
States during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Using specific
examples, discuss the relationship between big business, government, and
the working class during and in the aftermath of the Civil War. How did big business and government seek to control
wealth through the Gilded Age? What forms
of resistance and rebellion emerged to challenge the dominant classes for
control of wealth and political power? How
did Progressivism address these challenges?
Please focus your answer on the period 1863-1916.
Essay 2
Since the Progressive Era the United States government
has increased national regulation of the American economy. To justify this, national leaders often
stress the need for government authority to balance wealth and promote
stability. Using specific examples discuss how government institutions have
responded to various economic and moral issues over the past 100 years. Do you believe government regulation is
needed to prevent class conflict? Please
focus your answer 1917 to the present? *hint
– are all men/women created equal in America?

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